Every Unlock Date Documented

I have created a wiki page that details every unlock date (and tech removal date). Hopefully this will allow me and others to update it as updates happen. I currently believe that it is accurate but I may be wrong.

The page can be found here: https://automation.gamepedia.com/Unlock_dates



You could also include the dates leaded fuel is banned in the countries in game. (You can find that by changing the variant year for each country, from what I remember it’s around 1975-1985 for all regions.)

Add it into the talk page as a to do :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Flamers!

Thank you @Flamers, very cool

I have updated it so it’s a little more user friendly now thanks to @TrackpadUser’s suggestions

Any more feedback let me know :slight_smile:

Not like there was a Google sheet with all that, no no :smile: Nah, joking, it was made for Kee and not updated since, so it’s not perfectly relevant anymore. Good job, I think I’ll add it to the “useful” list, many people might have not even noticed that there’s a wiki.