Extreme lag

Hi, I’ve been playing Automation for a long time on maxed out settings on my Nvidia GPU flawlessly (740M I think). Just today I’ve tried to play and suddenly my game is lagging to the point that it’s unplayable, even on the lowest settings. It’s clearly a problem with my computer/my game, any advice?

Are you sure your computer wasn’t doing something in the background? A restart didn’t fix the problem?

Has the game suddenly decided to switch to integrated graphics? Check if that is the case.

@ Killrob - I’ve been taking my computer to school recently, turning it off inbetween lessons, so that can’t be the problem. However, I feel it may have something to do with the battery mode settings.
@ Jakgoe - This might be the case, I checked what it was running on and it was Integrated graphics, however the Nvidia control panel, despite me changing the global setting for the preferred graphics driver to my Nvidia GPU, is being awkward and doesn’t seem to be working properly. I’m almost certain it’s something to do with the Nvidia control panel. But however, when I used to run the game on this computer with the integrated graphics I would run it on medium settings and it would run fine. If I use medium settings now it’s basically unplayable.

Restarted my computer and it’s decided to run fine now.

Nvidia control panel is a pile of shite :smiley:

So what have you learned from this :stuck_out_tongue:?
Before complaining about the game, REBOOT YOUR PC FIRST! You probably have it on for a long time or put it in sleep mode. Sleep mode is only good for what, 2 to 3 days and then you basically need a reboot.

I didn’t suspect that as the first problem because I had been turning off my computer a lot.