F1: Circuit de Monaco

So, I have a track, and some useful elevation information. This track will be underway and released ASAP, to complete 19 of 19 for the 2014 F1 circuits.

Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit which is home to the Monaco Grand Prix. Measuring 3.340km (2.075 miles), it is fast with sweeping curves and crazy elevation changes, and a crazy tunnel, along with a couple hairpins thrown in, just to keep you on your toes. Also, don’t forget the harbor drive along the marinas of the French Riviera. Enjoy!

It helps if I turn the track the right direction…

EDIT: Here is the track file. It requires some minor tweaking still.
Circuit de Monaco.zip (1.47 MB)

I would say this is bang on right. The end section is spot on.
I just finished doing some paint images of the racing line, in case you would need them, but it seems unnecessary now.

Yes, thank you for the help you offered. I totally forgot about that site!!!

Initial track completed.