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FIGHT ME (Market Research Gryphon Gear style)

It’s only a 7 liter V8.

yeah Bellua is using a 9L V8, destroked to 8.3 for the SR8e, and still makes less power because it’s on maximum economy tune :joy:

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Am I the only one who turned up with a 2 liter 4 banger?

1.1L 4 banger. Fite me.


I might have a 700+ HP sedan, ill see if it fits the rules today, it willb a nice break from my wreckfest mod stuff

Ok, now since I got a chance to look at my current stuff in Automation… I may have lied a little. The car I was thinking of was deleted at some point (probably because I did not find it satisfactory for the brand it was to be built under)

So now I am taking a good look at something that still exists, that @strop may be somewhat familiar with.
(Hint: A CSR car that I hadn’t fully figured out when I submitted it for that round.)

After that particular round I did have time to fully flesh out the lineup with the car. Now just to see which trim best fits this challenge (and maybe tweak it a little)

Posting in this peen-waving thread to make a comment on ‘lore’.

Cartman having tea with his dollies. That’s your lore.

It’s great to see players invested in the outcome, but let’s be reasonable here. About 90% of the content to this game exists on this forum in the form of challenges and contest things, and so trying to establish an exclusionary Cool Kids Clubhouse for something that has about a thousand regular users and a hundred regular posters isn’t really accomplishing much. Having a non-receptive community is just death for a project this small-scale.
Automation the Uncooperative Menu Settings needs some sort of payoff added to it. The numbers part isn’t that hard. There are transparent statistical exploits, they’ve been thoroughly uncovered. The career bean-counting part is frankly just awful. At the same time, proposing that there’s a slider named Ralph, and this slider is for Stacy, is not the direction to take it. It might be tough for serious car enthusiasts to stay sober about a game really targeted right for them, but that’s true about actual cars in the actual non-Gasmean world too. A little external perspective goes a long way.

Now, back to the actual car thing.

This isn’t really a fire-breathing ultra car. It isn’t aimed to be.

It’s as easy to drive as a plain family hatchback. It is in budget with a 40-45 percent markup. Slightly over-weight (and production units) for a premium interior and dashotainment. It comes in colors other than Ow My Eyes for when you visit the Great Broads, though they all have those martian-ears mirrors. To give this challenge a little more meat there were some other hurdles put up.
Comfort and safety of 50. Check.
Economy under 10L/100Km, lower emissions too. Check.
Standard supercar deal, 200+ miles an hour, sub 8 minute Ring time. Check.
Do all this with 50% less power than the target car. Check.


Woah woah woah, you can’t just come in here, disrespect everybody that’s involved with the development of this game and everyone who cares about it and continue like you said nothing.
First of all, to dismiss people’s company lores as “Cartman playing with his dollies” is totally ignorant. Some people have put countless hours and days into creating their own companies and the lore around them, and some have even gone as far as to create entire fictional nations that tie into this.
Next, how is this forum an exclusionary Cool Kids Clubhouse? None of us applied to be a part of anything, if someone comes across as being a good person and a productive member of the forum, naturally people are going to like them and listen to what they have to say. Pretty standard stuff.
There’s no denying that the current campaign is not brilliant, but that’s because it’s not the full thing. They’ve spent the last few years creating the core parts of the game to actually get to a stage where something that might resemble the end product can be released, and to dismiss the effort that’s gone into this game makes you sound like a bit of an arse to be honest.
Anyway, I can’t really be bothered to pick apart the rest of this paragraph of yours, but I’d like to remind you that sitting here and complaining about things without actually suggesting improvements adds absolutely fucking nothing to the development of the game. If you’ve got problems with the game, go and post in the appropriate sections of the forum.


To add to what Microwave said, the lore is just the usual RP stuff you find in a lot of gaming communities and it’s entirely optional.

I haven’t taken part in challenges in quite a while now, but even back when I did, whatever “RP” I did was extremely minimal.

@laffinghyena If you have suggestions to make the game better, or examples of lame ass cheesy strategies to easily make good cars, you can make a post in the suggestions forums. As long as it’s constructive you should be good.


It is extremely disrespectful to come here and dismiss everybody’s effort.

First of all, if you don’t like companies with lore behind and RP, why do you even bother entering a competition? Secondly, nobody here is creating a “Cool kids club”, it just doesn’t exist. They’ll admit you into any challenge, and any show, and whatever as long as you respect everyone else, which you aren’t doing right now.


@laffinghyena Uh hmmm

So the game is still in its alpha stage, while typically the content in Alpha stage games cant be driven directly by the forums this one is open enough that the forums can provide substantial content. Heck the forum run competitions have actually driven some of the development of the game over the years.

Due to the type of game it is many players and active participants have a direction they want to take their company… and many have even developed back stories for their companies… if that’s what you are calling the exclusionary cool kids clubhouse then I don’t know what to say, because if you look back at the OP while Strop preferred lore worthy cars it wasn’t a requirement.

As far as the uncooperative menu settings, and the transparent exploits, and the awful bean-counting there is a section in the forum called suggestions, explain what you see wrong in there, what you would like to see, be clear about it so that others who have been around a while and might not see something because we have been around for quite some time and are just blind to it because we have gotten used to it can see it again.


Hm. When you put it like this, you may have written a self-fulfilling prophecy when you said people who participated in all the story writing become an exclusionary club of cool kids, because you then indicate that you’re not willing to play along with anybody else and would rather impose your idea of reality on everybody else, ironically, like a certain other user at whom your broadside would have been better directed.

I read your disclaimer in the PM. It rings hollow.

The sandbox is far from perfect. There is a trail of documented discussion on the issue that it affords us liberties that we attempt to mitigate in ways that are also imperfect. If you pay enough attention you will find that most of my challenges are actually a commentary on this dynamic: this one is a rumination on what on earth allows something with the performance of a Ferrari 458 to be sold for the price of a Civic Type R, and the whole thing is in fact dressed up as an invitation to explore this to see where it would sit in the real world and whether it adds up. Because if you read my OP it clearly demonstrates my bemusement at the results of what I’ve done.

Ultimately we’re all aware of the nature of the game, its issues and know well enough about exactly how serious to take this. A fact that you seem not to be aware of yourself, and so in essentially saying what you have, you just come across as rude and arrogant, believing that you alone know the truth of the game and the community. Your submission, therefore, reads as precisely the kind of cynical stats manipulation exercise that you decry, a sarcastic statement, so I don’t know what I should do with it.

I reserved the right to turn back cars on the ground of not fitting parameters, but I didn’t think I’d have to considering invoking that right over a user being a knob and making their submission a protest piece. I’ll have to think about this.


I should’ve listened to my own notion about how easy it is to make a splash in this small of a pool. Some of this stuff could’ve been handled better in a PM and I don’t want to keep stinking up Strop’s thread (sorry buddy!) but since this is out in daylight, I should pick my way out from the bottom of the pile.
For the record, I like Strop, and I like this contest idea enough to try and participate. What got that little bit of irk was in the premise, which I should’ve made clear in the original post.

By explicitly soliciting certain players to join, the rest are implicitly not solicited. I know that wasn’t the intent. It still gets a finger-wag. No one has been dealt grievous harm by either.

As for anyone being horribly disrespected, particularly the design team, that’s just not the intent either. I endorsed them when I gave them money for a game in a rough state, and I care enough about the finished result to make a comment about what I feel is a growing negative trend.

Putting hours into a backstory for a company is that player’s prerogative. But even here it’s being used as a litmus to separate ‘good’ posters from ‘bad’ ones. Maybe the initial post was too much of a needle to those posters who prefer it. There wasn’t any serious malice behind it, not any more prevalent than elsewhere on the forum. However, in the Car Design section, and even in the CSR thread, there are posts that have devolved into straight-up bashing, and the lore criteria is misused there to gate-keep, particularly from experienced users who stand nothing to gain. Call it by whatever terminology you like. It’s starting to get at-risk of losing its contextual purpose completely, which no one wants.

Purchasing the product, then putting in a good effort to meet the design criteria for whatever challenge, should really be enough to get a fair shake at succeeding, or at least learning from the attempt. Let’s keep it that way.

You could avoid making these splashes if you stopped writing like this:

Stop talking like this and take a look in the mirror :joy: you’re just being a piece of work right now and it’s making this whole thing about you as a person as opposed to about the challenge.


We’ve read what you think, we agree/disagree with some/all of it, it does not matter. You’ve sent your car in, it’s up to Strop to accept/decline it entry. Now, would you kindly shut up and not clutter up the thread? This is not a place for this. Thank you.


Mate I’ve got literally 0 lore for my company that was made up on the fly by pretty much copying existing crap, doesn’t stop me from submitting, having fun and getting close to winning at times despite silly choices.

I also have a car for this challenge, extremely shaky lore (if any) behind it, but I’m doing it anyway because it’s fun


Your treatment of other users in the post describing your entry leaves me displeased, to say the least, and does the community a disservice. If you had just taken the time to simply concentrate on your car and its lore, and left everyone else in peace, I would have looked upon it in a much more favorable light; as it is, simply thinking about it fills me with abject revulsion. On the subject of lore, all but two of my brands have little of it (or none at all), yet I still use cars made by them in various competitions from time to time.

As for my two cars… One is a lightweight mid-engined, rear-drive, 2-seat turbo track toy; the other is also rear-drive, but is a heavier four-seat V8 coupe (and a normally aspirated one at that). It will be quite intriguing to see how they compare against not just each other, but also the other entries in this field.

We heard you wanted a car in a grand comparison.
We’re here to deliver.

Introducing the 2017 RPG Eagle GTR!

We set out to make a proper premium sports coupe…
And to show you the Simple Merican Way to do it!

Modern Pushrod V8 - Pushing only 500hp

Not enough, you cry? Try racing up to 180 mph! (electronically limited to 192 mph)
And how about pulling over 1.2 Gs of cornering grip (over 1.15 Gs at 120mph)
And throw in just enough down-force to keep it stable, while still letting you feel like you’re piloting an untamed beast.

Not manly enough? We threw in a bullet-proof 6 speed Manual Transmission, no sissy flappy paddles here!
Is that too much for the rain? We got all the assists you need to stay confident you won’t hit a tree when the turbos kick.

What? Turbo Kick?!

Yes, because we wanted to make sure the Eagle reminds you just how powerful it is!

And because it’s turbo’d it also gets reasonable fuel consumption, not the 8mpg of your granddad’s Barracuda.

What? You worry it’ll ride it’s on rails? Well don’t fret!

The GTR trim gets premium interior option with leather power seats, sued trimmings on the doors and center console, and an 8" touch screen with our signature FireHawk 10 speaker stereo system!

All that for only $32,000 amu (50% markup)
[$21,300 @0%]
[production run of aprox. 20,000; estimated 12,000 to be the GTR trim]
amu = Automation Money Unites


I renamed it to the correct prefix after I took the pics

(Let’s just say the one in csr was an early pre-production example, and as such, RPG had sent it to GG just to get some feedback on it :wink: )

Just updated my company timeline with some more background on this car and its engine
Post 2 has the timeline: AEA / RPG [1948-1952 Delux Generation 1 release for UE4] - #2 by findRED19


This is great, loving the rehash of older cars I saw before, it’s kind of what I intended in making this!


The Cavallera Kunai RS. Yes, the rebirth has happened for real. What you don’t see is me purging most of the lore I spent about a year creating over the last few weeks. At the moment though, that doesn’t matter. So then, the Kunai. What is it? It’s only the third C segment car made by the company, starting production in 2014, continuing through, well, now. It’s rear wheel drive, with a variety of engines used across the variants, from a cheap low horsepower 1999cc F4 to the engine in this one, a 2300cc F4. (Now yes, I know that F4s aren’t in the game but for lore’s sake let’s pretend that I4s and F4s are the same). Let’s also pretend this is a 2300cc F4 supercharged car. My life would be so much easier if we had them but we don’t, so again, let’s just pretend turbos and superchargers are the same. Packing 425hp, cornering at high G’s and generating high downforce, this is quite mental. It’s a new breed of hatchback, really, more of a hyperhatch in essence. Seeing as this is also the second high performance hatchback Cavallera has made in almost 40 years, they took their time developing it (the RS, that is), some 8 or 9 years (the project began while the previous hatchback model was in production), but “cut corners” here and there - this engine family and DCT gearbox are both to be reused in the Seiryu. Actually, the engine family is used across a lot of models, but that’s irrelevant here.

Originally when I had the idea I just cranked up the quality and made it a 2019 car, which, yes, was utterly idiotic. With more restraints now I’ve really enjoyed remaking this thing. Like, really. It’s like the thing came to life for me.

More or less, this GMR marks a time when I transition from being a stupid shitposter to being someone who actually is passionate about the backstory, the styling and use real constraints, but I digress now.

Back to the point, the car is fitted with a sport interior (for the prestige mainly), standard infotainment and advanced safety. Now I vaguely recollect a discussion about how this body always ended up heavy… which is what it did for me. There was a ton of fiddling (and some negative quality on the safety :stuck_out_tongue:) I had to do to get it under the 8 minute mark, but it did it. 7:59.41 is the Green Hell time. Quite decent for how bloated it is.

Will you see the car as it is here when we roll around to proper reboots of companies after UE4? I do wholeheartedly agree that an all-alu hatch is utter bollocks, but with the heft of this body, I had no other choice. So, no, the car will definitely not stay unchanged, but this is a solid foundation that’s here to stay.

So, Gryphon Gear, this is how Cavallera does sporty within a budget.


BM Spaciex R

Photoshoop by @ramthecowy

Fun, without the inconvenience

A modern take on an old idea, inspired by the madness conceived in one man's shed, taken to a whole new level. With room to seat 5 in figure-hugging comfort, and space in the back for the family dogs, there's no need for the "Weekend car" any more.

Guaranteed to put a smile on any face

With a twin turbo V8 under the bonnet, 533 horses and all-wheel drive surge the Spaciex to 62mph in under 5 seconds, and carry it all the way to 179mph. Put your foot down and watch the world pass by, and see who can keep up.

Uncompromised track prowess

Capable of a blistering sub 8-minute lap around the Nordschleife, whilst returning 10L/100km economy, you can race to your heart's content and turn heads all the way. Take your family, your mates, or anyone you fancy for a lap, you could even set up a track taxi service!

Only $24,900 (at 0%)