Framps Motor Co

Hi. First post here but have been lurking for a while. I figured I’d actually join the community and start off by showing some of my ideas. Let me know what you think.

This car will have 2 options of engines. The base would be a 2.4 i4 200 hp, 185 ft/lbs, and the second would be the same 2.4 i4 but turbocharged. It gets 300 hp and 285 ft/lbs. I also figured I’d see what I could do for a race spec of the same and got a i4t with 600 hp and 400 ft/lbs, so customization and factory upgrades would be a sure thing. This would be a modder’s hatch kind of like the MazdaSpeed 3, which would be its main competition.

That’s a good lookin’ hatch :slight_smile:

Thanks! I forgot to put the side profile on that first post.

I adore the front styling, looks very aggressive. Good work! :smiley:

Good work!

I like the hatch. Looks like an agressive Mazda 2.
What engine did you have in mind for this car? Care for designing one?

Thanks guys! I cant wait until they release more features for the designer.

Here’s the stats for the enigines I’d use. The 600 hp one would be a race-spec engine. Definitely not a production engine.