GAC (Grand Automotive Challenge) #1 - Teenage Dream

It would be pretty hard to do it in open beta. 50 is a pretty low number for the required rules.

I’m on stable rn. If enough ppl want open beta I’ll switch

I would prefer the open beta

I would prefer the open beta as well.

If 5-ish people support the open beta then I’ll re-analyze my decision. That being said, myself and all the current mods are running the stable version rn, and we’d have to spend a bit changing around the rules and regulations. We’re completely fine to do that as long as we have a clear majority in favor of switching. That being said, feel free to try and make some vehicles in the open beta; I’m away from my PC right now, but when I get back early tomorrow morning I’ll be happy to reanalyze this anyways.


Stable, and I’d remove minimum 0-60 and maximum as required and replace with sportiness

Almost all the other challenges currently on right now use the open beta.

Exactly, this challenge is meant to differ, and about 70% of the people I know who play are running stable. I’ll be happy to make a backup challenge that’s on the openbeta if enough people want it

ehhh is good i gotchu with that price

The Open Beta branch is expected to enter the Stable Branch within the next week or 2 anyway, so you might as well just use the open Beta so things don’t sharply fuck up once the change comes

Deadline for this challenge is in a week so the timing works out perfectly I guess then lmao

Well, the intended day for the Transition according to the devs is going to be Monday next week, so it might mess up everything

Well, I’ll be happy to reanalyze on Monday assuming their plan goes through. I have already received a number of submissions in stable format, and it is therefore unfair for me to ask those users to redo their designs. We will be using stable format for now. GAC#2 will be in the new format.

I’ve also changed the final submission date to Monday night, and I’ll post a new challenge first thing Tuesday morning with the updated version.

I’m for open beta

the japanese audi is ready, I like this challenge

I would prefer using the open beta for this round.

I can post a redo of this version when the new version comes out on Monday. The current deadline for the stable version stands as Monday morning. A new challenge with the updated numbers will be posted then. Myself and the other mods will all be running stable until then so we have to go in and see what the update has done to the system and numbers like ET, PU, 0-60, aerodynamics, cost, etc.