Game Crashes During The Making of a New Trim

Hello Automation Community/Developers/Staff,

So, I’ve been dealing with a slightly annoying issue for a while now and I thought it’s time that I report it.

Here’s the bug that’s been haunting me: So whenever I have completed the initial modeling of a car, then go to make a new trim by copying the original car by selecting trim only, everything runs smoothly. This is until I create a new engine. I go to the engine tab of the copy of the original car, click the button at the top that shows all the engines you’ve created, and create a new family. After fiddling with the dials, the game crashes. Is this an issue that has already been noted? If so, sorry for being redundant. If not, can this be fixed ASAP?


Does it crash as soon as you start fiddling with just about anything in that new engine or does it crash at a random point while doing so?

If the latter is the case most likely it is the memory garbage collection bug which we know about but cannot solve on our end… hence why we upgrade to the latest version of UE4 for the next big update, which did have some updates to the garbage collector.

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So I just created another clone of the car.

I created a new engine and waited about 20 seconds. Nothing happened.

I started making the engine (starting with engine block) after that and nothing happened.

I created another model then duplicated it via trim only then started to work immediately on another engine for the clone, game showed signs of freezing and crashing but it fixed itself.

In other words, it seems like a random occurrence when testing it. In addition, however, it seems as if it also requires a certain set of circumstances for the crash to occur (the scenario i described at the top of this thread and also the one I just described in this reply.

EDIT: It just happened to me when I wasn’t trying to replicate the circumstances. I just “trim only” cloned an already existing model which had another trim in existence. I immediately changed the name of the trim of the car (2nd text box on the top bar), went to the engine tab, created a new engine, and created all of the basis of the block. As soon as the first tab of the engine block creation was complete, it crashed.

That definitely sounds like the garbage collector bug :frowning: we’ll try to replicate that in our current dev version that is based on UE4.21

Edit: Okay, I did what you describe above several times in a loop until I had 4 trims with 4 different engine families and didn’t get any crash or freeze. That is with the new game engine though. So maaaaybe that issue indeed is fixed (like I said, we have little to no control over the issue as it is/was an issue deep within Unreal Engine).

I see. Thanks for the info and for all you’ve done to investigate the issue. Guess we will just have to wait for the next big update :smile: