Game crashes when adjusting paint sliders

I keep getting this over and over again. I sent an error report after the crash.

The game will crash when click holding the paint sliders and adjusting them.

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I’ve sometimes had that too, but not in recent versions of the game. Might be unrelated, but what mode are you running: borderless window or fullscreen?
Did you add your username / email to the reports you sent? Then they are easy to find and we can have a look.

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I am running fullscreen. I forgot to put my name or email on it, but I will if it happens again.

Try to run in borderless window (that looks like fullscreen), that is more stable, but might not affect this specific issue.

Okay. If it happens again I’ll report it with my name and email. I also found that if I just click the + or - button instead of the slider it doesn’t crash.