Game crashing

I can never put a complete car together I make the chasis, and body, then I goto make new engine and it stops responding…

Can you post a screenshot of your error, along with the log.txt and KeeEngineLog.txt. The files should be found in Documents>Automation. Also, a DXDiag file wouldn’t hurt. You can get information on how to make that file here … ation_File

Here is what you wanted.
DxDiag.txt (28.6 KB)
KeeEngineLog.txt (33.3 KB)

Could you also add the log.txt, that is also found in the same folder.

log.txt (34.8 KB)

Hmm, I don’t see any error within the files. What do you mean by “it stops responding”? Is there an error message associated with the freeze? If there is not, I assume that it might be a hardware issue.

For now, try deleting all of your engines in the Documents>Automation>Engines folder. If that does not work, try deleting all of your platforms and models.

I hit “New Platform” and it stops responding. It cant be hardware as of what I have…

correction “new model” and it crashes

Did you try deleting all of you model, platform, and engine files?

Your screen resolution is set lower that we properly support, I recommend setting it to at least 1280x720, you screen does support up to 1920x1080 according to the dxdiag.

The first thing to do, is as the others have said. Clear out all of your created engines, platform and models. So delete the Engines, model and Platform folders in My Documents\Automation.

By “crashes”, is it a “Automation is unresponding, and needs to be closed”. Or a Lua exception?

The game stops responding, there are no lua errors. (;