Game failed to launch from steam "Missing EXE"


Also having this issue.


God dammit.

KillRob, you got some splainin to do!

I didn’t expect anything to work right as it was released, bugs are inevitable.

Yea I know. Still gotta get Killrob’s goat though.

Same small problem :confused:

Try again now, should be sorted!

Yes. Refresh steam as well.

missing program file???

what now?

I was wondering why it was only 338mb, the 1.5GB “patch” sounds MUCH better. Thank you guys for all your hard work leading up to and including this!! You guys were here ON THE BALL for the issues that popped up.

Yes Downloadsize seems plausible now :stuck_out_tongue:

Right click on the game in your Steam Library —> Delete or Remove Gamefiles —> Close Steam (also kill the Task) ----> Open Steam —> Click Install Button for Automation = profit!

You guys are awesome. Keep it up.

Exe nolonger missing, stuff fixed there.