Game is forgetting resolution settings

Some minor inconvenience.

I’m playing on Boot Camp, with Mac Book Pro with Radeon Pro 555 graphic card. It seems like almost every time I start the game, it’s reverting to 1280x720 resolution windowed mode and I have to manually change it back to 1920x1200 full screen?

almost, because I think just once it didn’t happen. Could it be because while I’m waiting for the game to load, I’m using my computer/browser?

Similar. On my Windows 10 PC with GeForce GTX 960, it switches the settings from 1920x1080 Fullscreen to 1918x1080 Windowed.
After startup, it stretches that 1918 window (a pixel missing down each side) into fullscreen, but leaves the settings at this weird resolution that isn’t even a choice.

It hasn’t any effect on my playing, unless I take the time to switch it and have it adjust for those pixels.

This usually is an issue with the settings file being corrupted. Just clear your game cache (button in launcher) to reset and then try again and see if it starts saving correctly.

Thanks for the advice. Trying to clear the caches didn’t seem to work for me. After next restart game reverted itself to the default resolution and windowed mode. One more hint, is that other settings seems to be sticking. I manually changed graphic fidelity from very high to high, adjusted units and sound settings: those things seems to be stable.

Does the screen mode itself stay consistent? Which mode are you running in? (Borderless?)

Yes, it always stays consistent. I’m not sure which option do you mean by the borderless, but it always (except of one time) falls back to the 1280x720 Windowed (far right option), and I’m always changing it back to the 1920x1200 Fullscreen (most left option).

Could it be some safe mode if it detects that something is weird with the hardware/drivers? Game lunchers complains a bit that I have older graphic drivers than recommended (I think recommended are from January, I have from December), but I already have the latest ones that I could download. Sorry for not very detailed this last paragraph, but I don’t have access to my other system right now.

There are three window modes in the graphics settings:
Full Screen, Borderless Windowed, Windowed

which one of them are you using? Have you tried others?

Hmm, ok. In the settings I see just “Full screen Windowed” instead of borderless, but I guess this is the same? Regardless, I’m always setting to Full Screen and the game is constantly reverting to Windowed.

I will give it the borderless windowed mode a try later today.

Clearing my cache has so far fixed my own resolution issue. The game hasn’t crashed yet though.

Problem fixed itself for me also 2 days ago. It was couple of days after clearing the cache, but just after some reboot - game has just crashed when my laptop accidentally went to sleep. Don’t know if the crash was what fixed the issue, or whether there was some update, or some other coincidence.