Game randomly crashes

Hi guys, I’m new here. I just downloaded the demo version of the game last night and I think it is awesome. It definitely has potential and as an auto technician I love playing around with the different settings to see what I can create.
I am having a problem though, the game randomly crashes when I am playing. So far it has always been when designing an engine in the senerios portion of the game, but it seems to be random, nothing specifically triggers it. When it crashes my screen goes into sleep mode but the computer continues running and what ever sound was playing keeps looping. No error messages just a black screen. No combination of keys brings my computer back to life and I have to reset it every time.
A little about my computer, I am running windows 7 64-bit, 4GB ram, AMD FX-4100 quad core processor, Geforce GTS 450 video card.
Any help would be appreciated, if I can get it running properly I may preorder the game as so far I have really enjoyed it. I will also play with it some more to see if I can get you guys any more information to help me out.

well after messing with it for a while I am pretty sure the problem is on my end. I’m thinking its my video card. So far I have not come up with a solution though but I am working on it.

well I figured it out… The fan on my graphics card failed :frowning:
My card was overheating, lol. For now I have the case open and an extra fan I had around sitting on a stand pointing at the graphics card. Its not perfect but it works lol. I was just playing for about an hour with no problems. Thinking I may preorder soon, its a great simulator.

Ahhh, yes, being a fairly graphically intensive game it’ll show up any cooling issues rather well. Glad you’ve worked out the issue!