Game won't start


I bought the game yesterday via Steam and it won’t start. The only error message in the black text box is FMOD error 51 failing to initialize out put device. Then a second window pops up “Automation_Shipping_Steam” has stopped working.

I have tried start up compatibilities, reloaded audio drivers.

All my others game work on my pc so I am baffled by this error.

Please assist.

Verify Game Cashe.

How would I do that? What am I looking for?
I am not very tech orientated :frowning:

No worries - figured out how to verify the cache - doing it now

Verified the cache - same error…
Any other ideas guys?


Can you opt into the open beta and launch the the game again, then post the contents of the gamelog.txt here so that we can see what is going on. :slight_smile: the open beta version has somewhat better tracking regarding launch issues.

Yes I did the DX update and check, everything is good and no the game wont load for off line play either.

What does the gamelog.txt say? And, have you opted into the open beta?