Gaupa car company

This is my car brand, the name is Gaupa. The first car is a Gaupa E1 All-Motion… I hope sometime in future updates that you can be able to put on things similar to what is on the bumper on the Audi Allroad and the Volvo Cross Country. additional enhanced look under the front bumper, meaning to be able to drive in rough terrains.

E1 is the smallest sedan, E2 will be a bigger sedan and so on.
This one is a All-Motion, and will have a bigger engine and with 4 wheel drive, the smallest engine for this one will be 2.5l I6…

my plans are to have a E1 Green-Motion and with a economic engine, bi-turbo 1,2l 1.4l 1.6l 1.8l engines, All of these will have front wheel drive.
And then here is the Fast-Motion delivered with 4 wheel drive and back wheel drive and with a more sporty look, it will look similar to the Green-Motion and the All-Motion, equipped with larger turbo engine with less regard to economy.

And so there will be the one only called the Gaupa E1, nothing more. And will be the cheapest of them all, nothing fancy, but will have the same look, but less equipped.

The Gaupa E2 (bigger and more luxary then the E1 on the first post)

I must say you did some daring stuff with those indicators on the E2, and it all seems to work quite nicely.

Thanks! :smiley: i have problems with designing the back end the way i like tho, becouse of poorly amount of atachments for it :stuck_out_tongue:, and then after i took the screenshot i forgot to save the car =O… but it dousent mather :smiley: ass one of the developers said:

<<<and you can be pretty sure that the cars you save now won’t be working once the game is done - or at least that would surprise me. :slight_smile:
All stats will be put into the Car Designer and displayed with the REAL Car Designer demo… this is just a mini-teaser.>>>

Note the last thing he said :smiley: “this is just a mini-teaser”… looking forward to the full version ! :smiley::smiley: and think about all the greate things you can do just now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job on that Photoshopping :slight_smile: looking really good!

Thanks !! :smiley:

The latest Gaupa E2 design with picture of the back-end, upper-class car (AUDI A6 like class)