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CASE NUMBER 74C-1644278


Meta: Jack Chancellor has had Ardent sue Anhultz to call in the remainder of the loan balance. He thinks it’s fishy, plus… well… Jack likes money. He is going against the advice of his CFO and Townsend Coachworks Division president Jeffrey Moss…

Monday, October 17, 1955

Law Offices of Wright, Lowe, and Scaletta

“I can’t believe it’s come to this,” Jack snarled. On the table in front of him sat a response from McClendon & Co. Law Offices, the legal representatives of Anhultz. It appeared that they were not simply bluffing or stalling. They had steeled themselves for a fight, and an actual trial was all but inevitable.

Leo Scaletta, however, did not share the degree of incredulity that his client had in this matter. “Mr. Chancellor,” his voice was soft and calm. “You know that we continue to take this case in whatever direction that you wish, and our resolve in the matter will reflect your own. However, I will remind you that it is my personal belief that Jeffrey Moss was, indeed correct about the origination of the loan. And it would appear that Anhultz has notarized documentation. Now, I have to ask again. Has Mr. Maxwell found anything more from the Townsend archives?”

“No,” Jack snapped curtly.

Leo pursed his lips. “I see. Well, given what I have at my disposal, I would recommend that Ardent settle…”

“Don’t say that word ever again, Leo. We are not settling with those Dutch bastards.”

Leo nodded, fully expecting that answer. “Well, I’ll put in another motion for continuance. I can buy maybe a couple more months, but we’re looking at a trial sometime in December, most likely. And in the interest of being perfectly frank, Mr. Chancellor, Ardent is not likely to win.”

“I’ve heard that before,” Jack sneered. “I’ve been hearing that for twenty years. I didn’t get to where I am by listening to such nonsense.”

That implies you listen, you arrogant bastard, Leo thought to himself.

6 of 17 eligible companies have been processed for this round. One has been sent back for resubmission due to incorrect file naming convention.


Wednesday, October 15, 1952 - Silver-York HQ New York City

Standing pridefully in the busy NYC skyline stands an impressive structure, Smaller than most of the buildings now dominating New Yorks unique and characterised skyline. What makes it unique is it’s impressive stature, with 24 floors and standing on a whole block. Instead of being taller and narrower it’s wide and shorter. It’s architecture taking inspiration from many European paths, with its tall pillars, and large crown sitting atop its an impressive structure. Silver-York Weren’t it’s original tenants however the company purchased the property in 1927 allowing them to begin the growth of the company

A particularly minimal boardroom stood on the 24th floor on the north-west corner of the property, with views out onto the built-up environment that is New York. The sky outside today is particularly dull, casting a grey tinge over the city dominated by earthy yellows and unique glows of the surrounding towers.
Sitting centre in the office a long rectangular modernist table sat, around it several brown leather chrome framed chairs bear, with one especially unique sat at the end of the table, and in that seat sat CEO of Silver-York Oswell .J York Jr,

“Good morning gentleman, Thank you for being able to attend at such short notice.” Oswell conducted to his audience, Oswell spoke with a clean well-spoken accent, his voice resonating through the minimalist room, in front of him sat executives and department leaders, the meeting was to prepare for the company to enter the 3RD fiscal quarter of the year. The meeting was filled with gentleman all smartly dress, some filling the bright room with whistful smoke from cigars and pipes.

“I think it’s time we plan the future for the company, as you know we have planned several important tasks for the design department to hit over the next few years” Oswell’s gaze glanced over to the senior design manager indicating for him to elaborate.

“Yes, so we understand the success of our current designs and over the last 6 months we have been considering launching a new sedan line, especially since Silver-York will be turning 50 in two years, the project is to launch a sedan named Sovereign this was the most popular name choice from the public responses that we sent out, the Sedan would slot below the current coach-built 49 Series model, using the same engine and chassis it will be very similar in exterior design but will be slightly watered down and more conventional. The interior will still be as much a luxury product that we offer but won’t be as grand as the 49 but will slot higher in the range as the 30. With current design evolution we have conducted a couple of designs as well as generating some concepts for the upcoming Silver-Moto-Gala.” explained Henry, his voice was gritty fitting of his style a man of design but also of no bullshit, he was ruthless in his management style but he was one of the best in the industry his design touch was special.

“So… What your saying is that we are increasing product lineup?” asked one of the financial execs

“Yes, allowing us t…” Henry was sudden interrupted

“Is this really, the progress that we should be taking?.. It seems like we need to expand the companies portfolio and enter different markets rather than complicating the Silver-York lineup, we’ve been exploring the market and have found a couple of lesser-known but still popular car companies with a suitable portfolio to network into the Silver-York co.”

“As much as that’s wonderful don’t just interrupt me” Henry groaned

At the end of the table Oswell stood, he was a short man standing about 5’5, now in his 40s he was still relatively young for the industry. "Yes so expansion of both Silver-York as an individual company and as a mainstream company is significant, It’s not something I was willing to discuss but since it’s been brought up…

The conversation continued to progress about plans to expand the company and how performance over the last quarter has been


Currently working on my advertisements, will likely not go into anywhere near as much lore as you folks are doing.

Junior: The Earl Glenwood

Senior: The Hirondelle Shambala

Utility: The Earl E-15 Workman


Just asking, but is there any file naming conventions for performance cars yet?

When a round includes them, yes, there will.

Detroit, Saturday, February 18th, 1956

Watson Motors is proud to show to the public their three all new cars as world premiere at the 43rd Detroit Auto Show.

Watson Antlia

This car is the all new entry-level. It is powered by an all new powerful inline-six engine.

More details here.

Watson Auviera

This car is the new benchmark for American luxury.

More details to come here.

Watson Trucks Cargo

Watson Trucks designed this model for workers. Whith it 1/2 ton minimum payload, this truck help people to carry everything.

More details to come here.


Friday, June 18th, 1954 - The wood paneled Office of the President of Earl Motor Company, Odin, Michigan.

Everett Earl, now thin and gray in his fifties, sits behind his huge but messy desk, and knocks back a glass of bourbon. Across the desk are his son, Lee Harvey Earl III, the short and stocky Vice President of Engineering, and “Big Ed” Pulaski, the loud, 6’ 3", Vice President of Design. All three had just left a meeting with marketing reflecting rather grim sales projections for the low price cars of the company, ones bearing the Earl name.

Everett: “Well that was quite a depressing affair.”

Lee: “No kidding. We’ve gotten complacent in the low price field - focused too much on Silverhare and Hirondelle. Everyone else has moved on to V8s, meanwhile with our sixes, we’re selling more Earls to fleets than to civilians.”

Ed: “BULLY! What we need is an injection of excitement to the Earl brand, my studio can easily throw some chrome and liven the new cars up!” He lights up a huge cigar.

Everett: “Lee, is it too late to change the styling and engines for the upcoming models?”

Lee: “We can’t change the dimensions and basic bodywork for the '55 and '56 models, but I suppose if Ed’s whole department gets on it, we could revise the chrome and paint. Engineering on the other hand, is tough. We had enough trouble redesigning the Dynaglide from the Hirondelle to fit in Silverhares and Earls last year.”

Everett: “Ed, will studio be able to do rush work on the Earls?”

Ed: “I don’t see why not, we’ve got the Hirondelles sorted out through '56, they’re beauties if I do say so myself. Hell, I even got some copy from Draper down in advertising right here”

Lee: That is pretty nice… I think I’ll have to get the first one."

Ed: “Too late kid, I already lined myself up.” Ed puffs his cigar into Lee’s face. “You’ll have to settle for number two.”

Everett: “Okay, what about the engines, Lee?”

Lee: “We won’t have time to design a new block… the best we can do is toss the Caliber V8 in there.”

Everett: “Goddamnit, pretty soon this company is only gonna have that one engine - whatever happened to brand distinction? We were stupid to drop the Hirondelle V12.”

Lee: “It’s okay dad, we have a whole new, bigger engine lined up for Hirondelle for '57. We just make sure the Earl, Silverhare, and Hirondelle versions of the Caliber are different sizes. It’s not like many are gonna sell anyway - I bet it’ll be like the convertible, or air conditioning - it’ll draw people in, but they’ll leave with the same six cylinder sedan they’ve always had.”

Ed: “Now that’s the spirit boy” Ed slaps his huge hand against Lee’s back “We’ll make a marketer outta you just yet!”

A good bit later…


Fewer than 4 days remaining in round 1!


Less than 72 hours remaining in the round. I do not have submissions from:


Please get them in, preferably sooner than later so I can spend less time after the deadline processing and more time writing reviews and turning over the round!

I’m not going to name names, but one person on that list has submitted their cars twice, both times with the incorrect file naming convention, and in a way that makes it impossible for me to tell in which category they want me to judge a couple of their cars. As a reminder:

File Naming Convention:

Model: G2R1-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)
Engine: G2R1-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

“Junior” (File naming convention: JR)
“Senior” (File naming convention: SR)
Utility (File naming convention: UT)

The .car files must be PM’ed to me, and some form of ad must be posted to the thread by the end of the submission period! And don’t forget to update your lore thread, too!

Just wondering, how strict are you about the model designation in the engine file name? If I use the same engine in two of the cars I won’t be able to give each one a different name.

This was previously addressed.

I can confirm that this works, as 3 companies have done this already.

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The Charge lineup for 1956:
JR: Dynasty Trident 300 Sedan

SR: Riva Bella 200A Hardtop

UT: CBT Delta 400HD


Dem colours! WOOW :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


1956 Dominion Elgin V8

Lore Here

1956 Dominion Victory Deluxe

Lore Here

1956 Dominion Highliner Delivery

Lore Here



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Edit: 4 of the 8 missing entries have been received. 27 hours left until deadline!


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Still missing entries from:


Rocha Motor Company - 1956


Silver-York Sovereign for 1956

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