Getting 75HP out of an 1600cc engine


I own a volkswagen polo 1.6 8v 75HP/55KW

And I was trying to build this engine in the demo.
I used this information and used it in the game:

Is it possible? I can’t seem to get more than 58HP out of the engine with normal components.


Here it is, was easy but the fuel mixture is a bit rich hehe

75,4 HP @ 5500rpm and 132Nm @ 2700rpm … AGRev0.xml

I used this info

I had it set to rich. I tried everything. And I had the same engine and mufflers as in your picture.

Same tech year on all parts?

yes. 1999. Show me your settings please I can learn from it.

I have found the problem!
My diameter of the exhaust pipes were very small. I can get alot more HP now.

The tech should be of 1994, i revised the engine and improved the economy, the exhaust with better results for me was 1,5" i think.

No, the 1.6 engine was build 07/1995 - 08/1999

My car is from 08/1999 exactly.

Yeah, but the tech year is more about how modern the engine is, you could say that for example the Windsor V8 that was made up until the early 2000s had a tech year of like 1975 for most bits except the fuel system

Alright. Does that change anything? 1994 and 1995?