Getting errors on start up-stand alone

I’m getting regular errors on start up of the launcher.

I have set it to start with admin rights but 1 out of 3 starts of the launcher quits on me without an error.

-also i just installed the latest version today, with direct-X and Net3.5

I have been able to play a few times today but like i said NO ERROR has been reported, it simply quits on start.

Running Windows 8.1 , game is in the (x86) folder , and did update the .Net and Direct-x

Also getting errors about that its attempting to read or write but it has no rights??? (i’m running in admin mode)
This one happened when i was adding the rear lights on my car.

Again NO LOGS about crashing of the game. (no logs in /user/my games/automation/)

No direct-x error logs either.