Good Cars Gone Bad - NOW OPEN! ('til June 2)

Sorry for the radio silence! I’m in the engineering program at my university (it’s pain) so things got a bit rough, but I’m pretty much home free now.

With that out of the way, I am proud to announce: The post will be updated soon, and we go live TODAY!

That’s means,

April 28th start

And since I think this is plenty of time,

May 19th fin

Any thoughts are appreciated. Going once, twice…



what is the techpool for the challenge?

I knew I forgot something. Damn.

For now assume default +5, but I’ll give a higher cap if enough people ask for it. Updating main post.

Due to some personal matters, and the alarming lack of current entries, I may extend the deadline. Any takers, or should I just let this sit on the shelf for a while?

Oh, I didn’t realize the deadline was so soon.

In my case I can’t make the deadline, but would participate if it were extended

Then it shall be so! I might as well give it another couple weeks. June 2 will work fine, I presume


Let me help with an Entry. Is an Ad required/allowed?