Good Drivability for a Supercar

Ahem…Can anyone please enlight me into how to achieve good drivability for a supercar???I believe there is a way 'cause anytime I build one my Sportiness is quite high and the Drivability remains low (not that low but I need to raise it somehow).Any help will be usefull.Thanx!!!

Some steps:

  1. AWD with a power distribution = weight distribution
  2. Yaw Rate Graph tuned to 1.05x drivability
  3. Lower boost pressure
  4. Lower brake pad aggressiveness

That should give you some good balance of D/S for high-powered cars!

Edit ^^Or just what killrob said lol^^

Make it awd, tone down the turbo lag, enable all driver aids, pick a geared or electronic LSD, make it a 7 or 8 speed automatic, pick suspension options that have a high driveability rating then start with the comfort preset to tune.

Most of which, I would add, take away from a car’s “supercar-ness”, IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Even a relatively aggressively tuned car can gain a lot of drivability with all the driving aids installed.

Not all cars. Driving aids would not have helped this car at all! OK, maybe a [size=50]tiny [/size]bit, but 125% of 0 is always 0. :wink:

A true super car should have low drive ability, it should want to kill you :stuck_out_tongue:

300 hp in just 500 rpm, nice turbo kick. Good luck getting the tires to grip at that point on lower gears. :wink:

That’s the now famous BSLL twin turbo ls7 M3

You have no idea how beastly it was at Mt. Haruna!!! It’s actually not THAT bad under 3k rpm. Just keep it out of the turbo and you’d be fine in a diaper. Above 3k…industrial cleaning team, GO!

HAHAHAHAHAHA Ralph Nader would have willingly driven a Corvair with a gigantic smile on his face after the experience of this improper M3. :wink:

There was a guy here in Sweden who had a 1100cc Suzuki motorcycle, turbo modded. It went from 150 hp@8000rpm to 250hp@8500rpm.
He said that sometimes it felt like the tank tried to rise up and smack him in the face/helmet. :smiley: :smiley:

That’s one thing I love about superbikes: crazy power to weight. Even with the turbo, that thing would weigh like what, 250kg tops? (the original GSX-R would have been 220ish).

It was one of the old aircooled GSX-R.