Got some doubts about buying the game etc

hello all, i am new here, i got the demo, but i need to preorder to get the car builder too? what methods i can use to pay? cant use Paypal, but i got a bank account (i am from portugal)

Cheers,sorry my bad english

No you don’t need to preorder to get the car builder, you just only get access to some of the features of if (less bodies, only FWD once engines and drivetrains become possible)

the problem is that i dont have a paypal or credit card, just an account card to use in ATM, and i am banned from paypal, because my bank dont permits so. dont know what to do :confused: but i want the automation complete so bad :cry:

Unfortunatly we don’t have any other way besides paypal. Maybe a pre-paid visa gift card could be linked to a paypal account? (not from your bank)

well, i will search for it. So you say that i dont need preorder to get carbuilder? i just nee to update the demo? the probmel is that my internet is limited, cant download more than 4GB per month :blush: poor coutry

Yes, you don’t need to download anything more than the demo. All features currently available unlock with the preorder.

hey once again, can i run a company on the demo? thank you

No, the tycoon part of the game is still under development