Grey-Skies Industries: 70 Years of Evolution (15 Engines)

Grey-Skies Industries Automotive Division is pleased to provide a historical archive of our most notable passenger vehicle engines, starting with our founding in 1950. Although GSI works to continually improve our product year after year, these examples represent the introductory versions of each of our modular engine families. The unprecedented level of dimensional commonality within each family, as well as long 14 year production runs, has allowed us to offer high quality engines at lower production cost than our competitors. GSI engineers are on hand to answer any technical questions you may have.

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[size=200]200 Series: 1950-1964[/size]

GSI 0.8L I4 1950Rev0.lua (36.4 KB)

GSI 1.2L I6 1950Rev0.lua (36.3 KB)

GSI 1.6L V8 1950Rev0.lua (36.7 KB)

[size=200]300 Series: 1964-1978[/size]

GSI 1.2L I4 1964Rev0.lua (38.1 KB)

GSI 1.8L I6 1964Rev0.lua (38.3 KB)

GSI 2.4L V8 1964Rev0.lua (38.2 KB)

[size=200]400 Series: 1978-1992

GSI 1.6L I4 1978Rev0.lua (40.8 KB)

GSI 2.4L I6 1978Rev0.lua (40.5 KB)

GSI 3.2L V8 1978Rev0.lua (41 KB)

[size=200]500 Series: 1992-2006[/size]

GSI 2.0L I4 1992Rev0.lua (41.5 KB)

GSI 3.0L I6 1992Rev0.lua (41.6 KB)

GSI 4.0L V8 1992Rev0.lua (41.6 KB)

[size=200]600 Series: 1992-2020[/size]

GSI 2.4L I4 2006Rev0.lua (43.9 KB)

GSI 3.6L I6 2006Rev0.lua (43.7 KB)

GSI 4.8L V8 2006Rev0.lua (44.6 KB)