Help Somebody

While playing Sandbox I saved my model then it gave me this code:
Step() failed!: [string “–File:
.\scripts\shared\functional\SANDBOX…”]:33: attempt to index field’ChassisMaterial’ (a nil value)

If anybody can help please I want to continue to build my cars :frowning:

What version of Automation are you using?

Was the car from a previous version of the game?

I’m running the latest one B1362 I’ve already erased the game and install it back and I receive the same code :frowning:

A KeeEngineLog.txt, Log.txt, and dxdiag would help? Do you know how to get those?

Should be in the Support forum.

How exactly does this problem occur? Is it straight when you launch the game? Also your KeeEngineLog.txt, log.txt, and DxDiag files would be helpful: … ation_File

Beat me to it Jak :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m new in PC games I’ve been a console player all my life. How do I get to the engine things you guys say?

To whom I send the DxDiag Data?

I found them all I have them in a folder now I send them to who?

Please, attach them to the post. The attachment function should be at the bottom, below the text box.

Here they are
log.txt (2.09 KB)
KeeEngineLog.txt (20.5 KB)
DxDiag.txt (49.6 KB)

Does it happen everytime you try to save that model?

Giving update to my problem I uninstalled and erased all the data. Its fixed Thanks for the help you guys :slight_smile: