Hi there, many questions in my mind

Hello everybody,

As I said in the Introductions topic and in the title, I have a lot of questions.
Some of them may have already been answered, so I must have forgotten them… :blush:

By the way, I said that I’m french so I may not have the exact english words…

  1. First, you said that it is supposed to be released for Christmas. But it’ll come in 20 days !
    Is it really THAT advanced ?
    (I don’t want to be disappointed, but I’ll understand if it’s release would be delayed…)

Then, about the game :

  1. Will there be any cheats, like a money cheat or a cheat that would give you all the “parts” without researching them and regardless the date ? (have the airbag in 1956…)

  2. Or what would there be in the “Car Creator” ? I don’t really remember if you said that it would be part of the game, as an independent function.

  3. It’s idiot, but have you planned to make any motorcycles in an expension ?

  4. What about the body of the car ? can we independently change :
    -The bumpers : add a little spoiler to the front one for the sportive option ?
    -The hood and other spoilers and wings ?
    -The lights : Lexus typed, classic ones with lightbulbs, LED ones, xenon ones, neon ones like the Plymouth Pronto Spyder ? Could it be an option, like Audi xenon ones ?
    -The wheels : select the brand ?
    -The brakes : select the number of pistons, the disk material (metal, metal-carbon, carbon-ceramic…) and it’s type (holed, sloted) ?
    -The tires : select the structure, the type (rain and slicks for high-end sports cars), maybe the brand like the wheels ?

  5. You said that it would be simple changes for the suspension. Are there any changes since August ?

  6. Can we change the place of the engine ? (Front, rear, mid-rear, transversal position ?)

  7. Could we have particular, maybe not existing Diesel engines ? (diesel Wankel ? :smiley: )

9)How many cylinders and rotors could we have ? (monocylinder ? 2 cylinders like the new Fiat 500 ? 1-rotor Wankel ? 4-rotors Wankel ? V16 ?)

  1. Can we have specific motor types ? (V2, V4, X12 (see comic “Michel Vaillant”, n°64), W12 ?)

  2. Can we have some crazy cars ? (6WD trucks ? 3-wheelers like the Daihatsu Midget ?)

  3. Will there be bull bars for the big trucks, Hummer-likes and pickups ?

  4. Finally, will there be translations ? Maybe a french translation ? Maybe could I help you with the french translation ?

So, here are the questions. I’m now waiting for the answers… :unamused:

Se you soon (I hope),


Wow long post, ok, from the top

  1. We will just be releasing the Engine Designer demo, it will probably be after xmas now, some time in Jan or Feb. I also have family coming out for a good portion of Jan.

Daffy and I at the moment are a fair bit exhausted, we basically pulling 80 hour weeks. We work full time jobs, and then spend almost all our spare time, to the detriment of almost everything on Automation.

  1. Maybe

  2. The flow of the car creator will be similar to the following:

Chassis Type (Ladder, Monoque etc)
Car Base Size (Length, Width)
Wheel Base
Suspension Type, Brakes
Engine, Placement and drive type (FWD, AWD, RWR)
Seat counts and placement
Cargo area size and placement. (Long flat to make sedan, tall short to a make hatch)
Body Choice, from a large set of prefabs, these will have no headlights, handles, fixtures etc. These bodies will have handles on them to manipulate them.
Fixtures (headlights, handles, bumpers, wheels etc) to make your car unique.

At some point along that design there will be the ability to make model differences upon a platform. That will be decided once we have fully prototyped it up and got a good feel for the car building process.

  1. Me and Daffy have discussed motobikes, maybe in the long run there could be an expansion.

  2. See Above

  3. We have yet to start building the car designer, so suspension hasn’t been touched since august.

  4. See above

  5. There are plans for like a crazy tech expansion/download of stuff that’s cool but we didnt have time for.

  6. Wankel’s most likely won’t be in for launch, I am at work now and don’t have access the the piston engine list. Think INL3 is the smallest cylinder count we have planned.

  7. See point 9, we have specific engine types, need to be home for the full list

  8. Maybe…, lets worry about 4 wheelers first

  9. Good question, we missed that :stuck_out_tongue:

  10. Yes there will be translations, and yes we will probably need help.

So I’ll try to help with Polish translation, when game development will come to this stage.

And I’ll help for Thai translation, Even I must be an only Thai person in the world that play this game. :smiley: I’m kidding, I will tell my friend about this game. :wink:

If you want to I`m sure I can translate into Norwegian :smiley: My english might be shoddy, but my norwegian rules :stuck_out_tongue:

ill help with english only :laughing:

#1 - to the detriment of the dishes…

I can vouch for just how hard the guys are working on this, even if it takes longer than originally planned they are near-constantly thinking about it, if not working on it. Daffy barely even gets Christmas holidays and we may have his parents visiting in January too, so go easy on the deadlines.

as long as they dont neglect you or nortala i think theyll survive :stuck_out_tongue:

and deadlines arent meant to be met. either one finishes before (like paying a fine) or somewhen else (when its done)

Your first sentence could be interpreted in such a way as to mean “if they neglect you or Nortala they won’t survive.”

Which is true.


As we can see in the latest news post, they’re making progress! Certainly not before Christmas, unless you mean Christmas 2011, but it’s not tooooooo far behind schedule =p

Okay, first I have to say that, if I didn’t replied, I’m always looking for news on the site and the forums. :wink:

About the third question, I was saying “Will there be an independent car creator, where we can make any car we want, seperated from the game, including every technologies even in a fifties car, and we could then include them in our game if we have the technologies or even post it on the net like you sais it could be planned ?”

Excuse me if I wrote a 3 miles long sentence… :smiley: