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Ah. Corolla is very alive at the dealer lot.


Ah, welcome to the egg club. :egg:


It looks like the type of car my wife would draw in a Pictionary game while drunk.

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That is a very lovely car
I applaud your choice of automobile

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I never understood why people say french cars are quirky and exciting. My moms old Citroen C2 wasn’t a particularly exciting car, and the most interesting thing in my dad’s less than 10 years old Peugeot is a tiny ass screen that just shows what radio station you’re playing.

But now that I’ve acquired a compact MPV, all I can say is holy fuck.

The sheer amount of shit it has! Boy how I love that dash mounted shifter. Sure there are some minor drawbacks, like the speedometer screen not working. I also don’t know how much fuel I have because that information is show in the speedometer screen as well.

Luckily the other screen tells me my fuel consumption, and it even warns me when fuel is low!

And this is my favorite,

Automatic air conditioning! Fancy!

Unfortunately it doesn’t have steering wheel buttons, but I can change the radio station and increase volume without taking my hands off the wheel, with this thing!


So, there are some minor issues with the car. For example, I don’t know how fast I’m going.

New bulbs would’ve cost 56 euros, so I had to improvise a little by buying bulbs that aren’t really meant for this car.

They’re bit shit and darker than the other bulbs, but at least I can finally see how fast I’m going!


Surprised that you didn’t duct tape a flashlight on the dashboard considering how creative the Astra repairs were

looking great tho


I did try that at first, however it didn’t work.

Bad speedo. Kids can’t see the top speed of the car when staring through the window when the car is turned off.

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I think it’s better that way.

The Muppet who did that table on Wikipedia need to learn math.

106 x 1.609 = 170.55 (ok very near 171)
120 x 1.609 = 193.08 (NOT 190)
119 x 1.609 = 191.47 (close 192)

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106 = 170.59, but it also depends on if its EXACTLY 106, because 171 = 106.25. It may hit 170.72, or 106.08. It’s all in the details.

192.00 is 119.30, but, again, is it exactly 192?

Can’t explain the 120/190 relationship.

As the car is European, the most likely numbers are the km/h.
So someone has probably calculated: from km/h to mph, then someone else has recalculated from mph to km/h.
Rounding off errors creeping into the calculations.
Or just slipping on the keyboard.

Edit; a source says that the 1.8i should have 190 km/h (118 mph) top speed.
And the 2.0i 192 km/h (119 mph) top speed.
What??!?? 21 extra horses (18.3% more) gives 2 km/h (1%) higher top speed?!?

Once you hit a certain speed, the amount of power it takes to overcome it gets exponentially higher if memory serves me correct. So you either need to dramatically add power or dramatically cut drag. My V6 Accord makes 244hp. Top Speed (with the 130MPH limiter removed) is ~155-160MPH. Probably twice the power the Citroen makes, but only a 33% higher top speed. Not sure the difference in drag coefficients and too lazy to look it up, but it’s definitely diminishing returns on power vs top speed. And that’s also not mentioning the fact that they’re probably geared the same too.


Aerodynamics definitely matter too here. I’d assume the Accord is bit more aerodynamic than my egg shaped compact MPV.

Definitely. How much? Beats me. We don’t have Citroens here in the US, but we do have cars like the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Chevy HHR. Underwhelming performance and lousy gas mileage despite both only being offered with 4 cylinders. At least they have lots of cargo space. How’s the fuel consumption on yours?

For the past 167km, I’ve averaged 7.1L/100km, or 33 mpg.

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