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Holts Motor Company (2022 Holts HMS)

s u n f o o f

ded :’)

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This is much more understated than the previous design for the Trova, but at least it’s not too bland.

:ok_hand: Nice design. I would try to fill out the space more on the front by making the lower grill and vents taller, and I would also probably get rid of the orange indicator but other than that, it looks pretty solid.



This is an improvement over the original design for the H150 - it’s much more cohesive and less divisive now.

nice! what’s the actual size (wheelbase, length etc)?


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Looking decent, though it does look on the messy side. What program are you using to add the light effects?

@DeusExMackia Looking decent, though it look on the messy side. What program are you using to add light effects?

I was using a app that came with windows. Called “Sketchbook”

Ah nice, haven’t used that before. There should be some sort of line drawing tool in that, which is what I’d use as it’ll make your lighting much neater. Make sure to do that on a separate layer to the base image. Then, and I don’t know how to do this in Sketchbook, but try adding a ‘glow’ effect to that, and you’ll start to get the light glow effect you’re efect.

Quite a looker… And with its sporty visage, it ought to be a blast to drive as well.

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Oh my that actually looks really quite good :heart_eyes:

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@Holts Ah yes, it looks like that program doesn’t have a layers tool (please someone correct me if I’m wrong about this). You might want to look into getting something else such as GIMP or Paint.net, up to you obviously.

BUT, the Alaris is a very neat looking car!

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Pretty neat looking hatchback there! :grin:

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Holts HX2

(Type-HS Shown)


Holts H8

(Lets Hold off on the HX2 For a moment)


Details & Stats
  • 310HP 3.9L V6
  • 355lb-ft Torgue
  • 28MPG
  • Premium Interior
  • 5.3 Sec 0-60
  • Comfortable Quiet Ride
    Price: $41690

H6 SSPort

Details & Specs
  • 600HP 5.6L Twin Turbo V8
  • 3.3Sec 0-60
  • 4500lbs
  • Automation TT in: 2:10sec
  • Sport Suspension Setup
  • Bucket Seats
  • Sporty Steering Wheel
  • Launch Control
  • 21Mpg
    Price: $76440


Details & Specs
  • 6.6L 520HP V10
  • 27MPG
  • Quiet Ride
  • Leather Interior
  • 12-Inch Infotainment
  • 500W Speakers
  • Dual Clutch
    -Various Color Interiors
    Price: $87520
  • V6
  • SSport
  • V10 Lux

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Previous H8 Or NEW? (Previous)


Im trying not to use duck tape looking headlights*

  • Previous H8
  • New H8

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the new one looks a lot worse. If you want to not use the light strips for headlights, then try using regular headlights, making the lens clear and the back dark grey and use the strips for detail

@Dorifto_Dorito ive tried that but you can still see the sides of the fixture, i made the lens clear but alot of clutter due to cant remove the thing here is what im talking about.
the thing in between the two wont go away