How about some Open Source cars?

the 1990 MKIV communitasia, the first, last, and only communitasia to ship with FWD, along with being the first communitasia that’d be halfway decent outside of slummish dictatorships. there are 2 engines avaliable. a 71 horsepower 1.6L I4 for the normal trims and a 86 horsepower 1.8L I4 for the AWD sport trim. you heard right, an AWD communitasia. Galt recognized that many people were modding the communitasia engine due to it’s super low compression ratio, so as a result, they kept both of these engines at a 6.0:1 compression ratio while including throttle per cylinder making them very popular engines for tuning, the AWD communitasia is more of a tuners edition if anything. for the variations though, there is a 3 door hatch, a 5 door wagon, a 4 door sedan, and a 2 door coupe, however only the 2 door coupe is in sports trim. enough rambling, i need to post the car so you guys can go out and tune it.


now the DL
cpufreak101 - Communitasia (198.6 KB)


Time to bring some life back to this thread :smiley:

I’ve made a new Chinese company, Yín Lóng (Silver Dragon), and here are a couple of early models.

The 1962 1000, in Huòwù (cargo) and Zǒngxiàn (bus) trims. Powered by a mediocre 1.5L pushrod I4.
thecarlover - (97.9 KB)

And the 1956 Kāishǐ, in Jiātíng (family), Shāngyè (business), Chēpí (wagon), and Huòwù (cargo) trims, with an even more underpowered 800cc pushrod I4.
thecarlover - (118.0 KB)

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So, As I have just added a new beast to my company, why not add a bunch of them open source.

Company is found here, have fun!

Here’s a couple!

Black Tiger Sex Machine - (89.1 KB)
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Eos (91.8 KB)
Black Tiger Sex Machine - Vri404 ECV Raven (89.6 KB)
Mercy - (90.8 KB)

I’ll keep adding some of my older cars here, and some newer ones too!

Ok, Here are some concept cars by NOTO designs, from 80 to 82, ones that did not make it into production. Some didn’t fit the company style, some just didn’t click with me. All of those come without an interior or an engine or a setup of any sort. If any company would like to use these, or have these restyled and use them - go right ahead

Noto C1 concept (C80)
RB26DETT - Noto (94.2 KB)

Noto Scura
RB26DETT - NOTO (94.0 KB)

Noto Vettore
RB26DETT - Noto (97.2 KB)

Have fun.


well seeing as how this died out, i have put some updates to the MKII communitasia, now mainly out of laziness, i’m just going to post the updated .zip here, be warned though, uses my new badge, so make sure you have that.
cpufreak101 - Communitasia (242.0 KB)

I’ve been meaning to contribute to this for a while, and just kept forgetting. Most of my contributions here will also be the cars I build that I submit to contests but aren’t part of my main company (Gryphon Gear) lore.

So here, have the Empyrean Infernus, my submission for CSR16. I was a bit sad it came runner up, but that was because of my usual habit of not making the interior as nice as supercar owners seem to want them.

What’s appealing about this car? You now have access to some of my design elements (though I’m constantly changing and experimenting so that doesn’t mean much). More importantly you can see what I did to make a turbo V12 make a 1650kg car have 850bhp and a fuel economy of 8.5L/100km or something (might be more than that, I also used active suspension which I normally never do). And you can also see how I optimise suspension and tyres as per weight distribution to make the car go quick around the track. I’m sure more can be gotten out of it but I was also trying to keep the car somewhat civilised on the road.

McHorseguy - CSR16 - (110.3 KB)

I’ll also drop the Courcheval Manta here, or at least, my reimagining it for the modern era. I’m not great at muscle, but when it comes to the modern era, which is all about fixing the old deficiencies with good engineering, well, I’ll give it a good shot.

This car is probably mostly worth looking at to show off the rear end. As KLinardo pointed out, I was a bit lazy on the front, because one was most likely to spend most time staring at its vanishing tail lights.

McHorseguy - Courcheval (96.2 KB)

I submitted the Juggernaut Indy to Sillyworld’s Fruinian muscle car cup, but it actually started life first as a car for a tournament Manche was going to hold that never quite got off the ground. Either way, the premise was simple: how muscle can a muscle car get if you keep muscle car muscle? That meant pushrod V8 RWD, produced in the 60s. After seeing the result, I’m fairly sure there’s such a thing as ‘too much torque’.

However, it’s about as balanced as you can get it despite being a bus of a car. And a relatively unique styling technique up front, too.

McHorseguy - strop- (93.6 KB)


Thanks @strop for providing us with a trio of incredible performance cars! I expected each of them to deliver on their promises, and I am glad they all did!

Now, here are a pair of front-engined supercars from simpler times when there really was no replacement for displacement or driver involvement.

I originally created the Albury Crusader III for one of my company threads, but realized that it would be best shared here. This Australian-made sports car is a bargain at just under $25k with a 10% markup, but has well over 400 bhp under its hood, courtesy of a six-liter all-alloy overhead-valve cross-plane V8, and only comes with a six-speed manual. I tuned it to be as fun to drive as it is fast on a track, and the low curb weight of 3050 lbs. clearly helped (speaking of which, it was distributed 50/50, just like @strop’s Courcheval Manta Touring). I drew inspiration from contemporary real-life front-engined, rear-drive normally aspirated sports cars such as the C5 Corvette Z06, original SRT Viper, 550 Maranello, DB7 Vantage, and TVR Tuscan Speed Six. Yes, there is stability and traction control, but you can (dis)engage either or both of them with a push of a button for each. The high top speed (nearly 190 mph!) and rapid acceleration (0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds) were not really targets to be reached, but by-products of the car’s excellent engineering, which is the case with the other car I have chosen to share in this thread.

ahertono - Albury Crusader (92.1 KB)

The Harris CS60 Coupe was originally built for CSR15, and was the first car I submitted for any competition, if only because CSR15 was the first round to allow modern supercars (which I am especially good at building) due to the liberal rules of the round (front-engined, rear-drive, normally-aspirated). It was certainly a great supercar and was only rejected by @KLinardo because it was actually too much of a supercar, which was a decisive factor in the third round of cuts he made. Yet at just under $40K with a 10% markup, it’s still great value for its class. The amazing thing is that I managed to pull this off with all sorts of fancy stuff such as an electronically controlled LSD, active aero, direct injection, downforce undertray and a high-quality premium interior incorporating a premium satnav system and advanced safety suite. But while the Crusader III sounds like thunder, the CS60 Coupe has an exhaust note reminiscent of a 3.5-liter F1 car and revs to 8500 rpm - 1800 more than the Crusader. It, too, is exclusively available with a six-speed manual. And while it is clearly heavier than the Crusader, it has over 60% more power and, thanks to direct injection, is actually more economical. While the CS60 Coupe looks and feels Italian, it is actually British - I was clearly inspired by the 599 GTO and V12 Vantage, both among the best front-engined grand tourers of their time, when designing this beast. Despite being just 0.3 seconds faster to 60 than the Crusader III, the CS60 can do one thing that the Crusader can’t: reach 200 mph or more - 208.266 mph, to be exact. I will even mention this beast in one of my company threads if I get the chance!

After completing each of these cars, I am now starting to wish that at least one of them actually existed in real life, and wondering how much they would be worth in 2016 given the near-universality of forced induction and self-shifting gearboxes even among the current crop of high-performance cars.

On a broader scale, I tend to see this thread as a place to obtain the cars I want so that I can improve them, given that some vehicles here were submitted using an earlier build of the game and must thus be updated.

ahertono - CSR15 - (93.7 KB)

I have the Riget Kerk at the Riget Showroom and Dealer which can be found at New Riget Showroom and Dealer. I have plans to release more automobiles in the future.

Better post these in the right thread! Here are some extra vehicles I’ve got to give.

A recreation of a Toyota RAV4 made to fit the CSR23 rules

Rk38 - CSR23 - Rk38 (26.8 KB)

A sports coupe…feel free to do with it what you wish. Made to fit the CSR23 rules

Rk38 - CSR23 - (26.7 KB)

A simple boring van. Made to fit the CSR23 rules

Rk38 - Taolei (24.9 KB)

My entry for the trump truck challenge…it lost but at least it looked good while doing so.

Rk38 - Trump Truck (28.8 KB)

Another version for the trump truck challenge I ended up not using.

Rk38 - Trump Truck (27.8 KB)


Man do you know how to make any car look good.

While I’m at it.

Here’s an Asian-style econo-shitbox. 70mpg(UK) and absolutely no safety. Two seats. Perfect!
64 drivability. 80 reliability. 631kg weight. 0-100 in just 18 seconds! 7440 at 20% markup. Asia is literally cumming right now.

Did I mention, 70mpg?

Yes, I’m aware the car is disgustingly ugly.
ramthecowy - (21.8 KB)


I’m debating weather I should upload most of Bell Automotives models to here as they are nothing special and I would like to see them get played around with, it would be nice to see some feedback on how shit they are :grimacing:

have you uploaded any to the “everyone is a reviewer” thread? if so, I will review them.

Well i’ll stick my new model in there, be nice to see what feedback I get

(looks like nobody has posted in it since June)

So I put up my earlier ideas but here we have the GTC Concept II (along with the very similar earlier less refined GTC Concept in there), my submission for CSR23. I came runner up in the top three losing out due to it’s slightly lower performance than the other two finalist and higher price tag than the winning entry. As our vision for the GT86 we want to hold to that spirit and give it you to customise and enjoy.

GTC Concept

GTC Concept II

Rk38 - CSR23 - Rk38 - (47.8 KB)


Apart from aesthetics, what differentiates the GTC Concept II from the original?

Well it’s probably far less optimised since I cloned it and then worked more on the second design.

Here is the CSR23 winner, the Toyota 2000GT.


EnryGT - (34.1 KB)


my car entries from CSR 23

Denta - (22.4 KB)

and the revision with a lot better time in Haruna but with a lot compensating (4:38)
Denta - CSR 23 Denta (27.1 KB)


Might as well: I share the Tare RAX here!

_Yours to drive!_ 4LGE - Tare (35.1 KB)

Little has been changed in comparison to the trim I submitted to the CSR23, except for the engine and final gear ratio. This one uses a 1.9 liter inline 3 I was considering as a novel alternative to the 2.4 liter inline 4 I did submit. It holds itself really well in comparison, and, it’s not as loud! :sweat_smile:

Can do whatever you like with it.
Save it, Test it, Break it, Fix it, Trash it, Rice it, Restorate it.
Swap it, Boost it, Tune it, Raise it, Tray it, Dalnit, All wheel drive it.
Shake it, Brake it, Strip it, Smash it, Drag it, Drift it, Quick downshift it.
Make it, Port it, Code it, Load it, Play it, Check it, Rebalance it.
Mod it, Drive it, Zip it, Share it, Watch it, Roll it, Go enjoy it :wink:


Just for fun, after downloading the 2000GT, I spent some time revising it in an attempt to increase its competitiveness, for the sake of company lore and unfettered by the requirements of CSR23. After my revisions, I boosted its pre-markup competitiveness in Gasmea to 103.2 at 65.6% affordability. So is competitiveness in a certain buyer demographic the be-all and end-all in such a competition? I’m not so sure.