How does automation do its math

So I want to design a car in real life(im never going to build it but I still want to) and I cant really seem to find anything out there on how to the kind of math needed for this so I was wondering how automation did the math, so that I could change it to fit the size of my engine, etc. or if anyone has any file I could find in the automation directory or any help at all that would be great.

If you are trying to build a car in Real Life, Automation is probally not the right way to do it.
Automation focues on the engeering part of the Auto industry.

Your best way of doing that would be to build a frame outta tubes and throw in an already existing Powertrain.
And for that you dont need the complex calculation of Automation

Well it isnt so much that I’m going to build it as I am going to just design it, I know I’ll never build it. But I can design it and then 3d model it and then just look at all of its intricussies.

Automation is more like playing with some parameters than actual engineering and do proper math and simulations IIRC (for example, some numbers automation comes up are Rather arbitrary than based on real life, for example emissions). For what you want to do you have to buy some books on car engineering.


that sucks, ok

If you’re scrappy enough and dig into the forums, there are some posts by killrob where he explains some of the calculations fo the game. Besides that, you can… you know… play the game and design your car.

EDIT: there are some of killrobs videos as well where he goes deep into calcs and math