How long is loading meant to take?

I haven’t really played UE4 Automation too much, and to be honest one of the biggest reasons for that is because of the painfully long loading time. I’ve been trying to play today and I’ve been switching between playing Beam and Automation, so I decided to time it. From the second I pressed play in the multi choice menu in Steam to me being at the main menu, it took exactly 2:41.60.
Is this normal, or is it just my computer? I’m running on a 6600k and the game is installed on a 7200RPM drive (can’t quite fit it on my SSD :frowning: ).

Takes a while here, as well. Oddly enough though, when I copy over the My Games>Automation folder from my previous install of Windows, it loads up pretty quick. Strangest part about that is that when I was using that previous install of Windows, UE4 still loaded slowly.

That’s a lot of time, it takes somewhere between 15-20 seconds for me, using an SSD.

2-3 min load time is normal on a spinny disc… I have the same on my machine. On the SSD it loads within 20 seconds as Sillyworld points out.