I went to NYIAS 2018

So yeah, title explains it all.
Got a lot of pics so I’ll dunp them, feel free to ask me about any of the cars I snapped pics of if you want to know what I thought about them or something because for some weird reason you would take my opinion.


Kia Stinger
Kia Forte

Ford Transit

Ford Fiesta

VW Aldaudnaidnfjdudb… Above Passat sedan

VW Atlas truck thing

Acura NuttSX
Refused to upload, too hot

BMW X2 and it’s confusing rear hatch

The Volvo V60, aka, a nutt
Refused to upload, will try later

Audi’s weird shift knob

Porsche 356

Mazda 3 (my favorite by far)
oops didn’t get a picture

Mazda kai concept weird thing

Subaru WRX STi

Alfa Romeo 4cum

Bugatti Chiron (Middle East special)

Some sweedish madness

Well that’s all fam, I’ll try and get those other ones uploaded and maybe some more if I forgot anything I


So I’m on mobile and ik a lot of the cars are out of order/misnamed. I’ll fix that tommorow when I have a PC to make this easy with.

Someone stole the Subaru knob XD

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Nah the knob is usually behind the wheel on them