Ilaris Motors

Ilaris Motors

Ilaris Motors P.T.O. is an automobile manufacturing and design company based in the fictional city of Ilarid, Alagnomar States.

Ilaris Motors is known for making affordable mass-market cars with a taste of sportiness, and known in the car community for producing entry-level sports cars with forgiving handling. Additionally, they have produced a few one-off almost supercars.

Ilaris Motors is the subsidiary of Ilaris Industries P.T.O., along with Ilaris Metallurgy and Ilaris Turbine Engineering (ITE), the former responsible for metal and alloy development, with the latter working on turbine engines and turbochargers.


Ilaris Iron Works was founded in 1823 A.W. by Ari Ilaris in Ilarid, Alagnomar States. The company was set on manufacturing boilers and early engine blocks for maritime and rail use, to which they achieved great success with. Soon enough, they started branching out to designing the metal and alloys using the fortune they had acquired.

Around 1890 A.W. Ilaris Iron Works became Ilaris Metallurgy, while the factories were put under the control of a new Ilaris Industries. This new company soon started to look at manufacturing small internal combustion engines. In 1903 A.W. the Ilaris ICE-6 was developed, with early automotive companies rushing to equip their vehicles with this powerful and reliable straight-six engine.

Around 1922 A.W. Ilaris Industries began work on a full-sized motor vehicle, equipped with a three-cylinder engine mounted in the rear. It released as the Ilaris Ilis, and was the first car in the Alagnomar States to be affordable, even if it did forgo all creature comforts besides having a seat. In 1926 A.W., Ilaris Motors P.T.O. was founded, beginning the timeline that will be documented here.

Lineup (Incomplete, in no particular order)

Passenger cars

1992-2004 Ilaris Iscal (4th gen) 1984-1992 Ilaris Iscal (3rd gen) 1976-1984 Ilaris Iscal (2nd gen)

* Rebadged ACR Aurak 4S, sold as the fifth generation Ilaris Icon.
** Rebadged IAS Griffin, sold as the Ilaris Imperial.
*** Ilaris engineered engine (ITE 6DC), chassis work and tuning.

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Good company! hope to see more cars, keep up the good work!

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The 1992 Ilaris FR GTS's introduction brought a small shock to the motoring world.

It was fast, powerful, extremely maneouvrable, near 50/50 weight distribution, and most shocking of all, it got 39 miles per gallon.

Powered by a 255-horsepower, 1.5 liter four-cylinder ITE Leopard engine, the FR GTS could get from zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds, along with a top speed of 176 miles per hour (283km/h). Of course, squeezing over 250 horses out of an engine the size of a good diner plate didn’t bode well for reliability, which suffered. Severely.
It received a 50.8 reliability score on the engine, with a general score of 61.2, one of the lowest recorded for a production car. This mostly came from the absurd rev limit of 8500 rpm (though some aftermarket ECUs allow up to 9000 rpm, which the engine does not mind), and the giant turbo attached to it, putting out 1 bar of boost.

Fortunately, most people who bought the insane super sports car from a brand known for making shitboxes were capable of coherent thought, resulting in many of the 80,000 units produced still existing in some form or another.

The motoring press praised the car for it’s insane hold on the road (1.14G, in fact), stable handling, and extremely peppy engine for what it was, along with being comfortable for a sports car, coming in at 25 points. They did however criticise the looks, saying it ‘didn’t look like an Ilaris with the pop-ups’.

Last, but not least, Ilaris, and their metallurgy division, spent many, many hours optimising the vehicle for minimum weight, including revolutionary techniques for shaping aluminium body panels, and using special heat treating techniques to create high-strength steel, which allowed them to further save on weight while stiffening the chassis. The final weight ended up at 2365lbs (1073kg), allowing it to absolutely sip on fuel, getting a combined mileage of 38.6MPG. All this while being one of the safer cars on the market, getting 49 points in crash testing, much improved from the similar but different Ilaris Imbe, released two years prior.

ITE Leopard (ITE 4A-GT)

1499cc turbocharged four cylinder engine
DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, VVS-S (Ilaris Variable Valve System, Super) (VVT All, VVL)
Forged crank, Lightweight forged conrods, Forged pistons
Balance shaft, 4.2kg
Redline @ 8500rpm (factory), up to 9000rpm (maximum mechanical)
255.4hp @ 7700rpm
226.6lb-ft @ 4900rpm

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