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Ilex Electric Vehicles

Ilex EV is a division of Temple Inc. The head of Ilex EV is Nicholas Morgan, who used to be the head of “Hybrid Powertrain Developments” for Temple Motors, but only made concepts for Temple. The Ilex HQ is in Los Angeles, California, and the vehicles are assembled in Nixon, Nevada, with parts from Temple Inc.

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2013 Ilex Electron

Pearl White A35 Model Shown Below

The A35 has 348HP, from its 260kW electric motor. It has an average MPGe of 105, and has a 0-60 time of 5.8 Seconds.
Starting at $65,450

Fire Red A45 Model Shown Below

Ilex Electron A45, with a 330kW motor, has 442HP, and a 0-60 time of 4.1 Seconds, and an average MPGe of 90, and all steel was replaced with aluminium, to be much faster than the A35
Starting at $80,650

Introducing, the 2014 Ilex Electron A55 Sport.
Ilex Electron A55 Sport, in Star Blue, with SVX Performance and Carbon Packages

With a 410kW electric motor, producing 550HP, this was most powerful production EV. The A55 has a 0-60 of 3.2 seconds, and an average MPGe of 80.
Starting at $115,750

Available options for all Electron models:

All Standard Temple Color Options Available

Special Colors: Diamond Deep Blue, Diamond Turquoise, Diamond White, Pearl White, Shrine Red, Fire Red, Deep Blue, Soul Purple, Wasp Grey, Matte Black, Forest Green Sakara Yellow, and Star Blue.

Interior Options: Heated and Cooled seats, SVX Performance Seats, Ebony Black Leather, Ivory White Leather, Latte Brown Leather, Contrast headliner, Same Color Headliner, Carbon Package for Interior, and SVX Performance Steering Wheel.

Exterior Options: All Standard Temple Wheel Options Apply, Carbon Package for Exterior, Carbon Wheels Package, SVX Performance Package, and SVX Carbon Package.


Spy Shot Of A55 Sport:


Want 700Hp?

Well, Lucky You…

Introducing, the 2019 Ilex Electron SVX A70.
Ilex Electron SVX A70

With a 530kW electric motor, producing more than 700PS, this is the most powerful 4 door EV. The A70 has a 0-60 of 2.4 seconds, and an average MPGe of 60.
Price On Request

Nice! Is there any way to download them?

Not really, the engines are placeholders, because the game doesn’t have electric motors.

For more info on them go here: Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

Ok :c bc they look really good. Nice work on the exterior design!

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The engines are placeholders but you can very probably rework the Beam exporter files to have only one gear and an accurate electric torque curve :3


Ilex Zultron XR1400

The Ilex Zultron is an electric hypercar concept, with over 1400hp, taking the car to 60 in less than 2 seconds, and takes the car up to 264 MPH.


Ilex ES and Kisis Electro

We are glad to bring you the new Ilex ES and Kagura Kisis Electro with 150mpge*. The cars are based off the Kagura K-AS platform, and it can be yours for just $44,000!**

The Electro is only available in Europe and Asia, and the Ilex ES is only available in North America.

*EPA Average
**Tax and delivery not included

I understand it’s fun to come up with ideas for electric cars, but until such features are actually implemented in-game, how can it be possible to calculate stats for such cars - price, efficiency, performance etc - that have any meaning?

You may as well just claim your cars can do 1,000,000 mph at one billion MPG (sorry, MPG “E”) as no one will be able to say otherwise and you can’t prove it anyway.

Also forgive me my fairly basal technical understanding of EVs but reading through this, especially on the post for the Zultron, I’m finding some of it quite hard to believe. 264 mph is a really big and cool number but are you expecting to get more than 5 minutes from the batteries whilst doing that?


For me the speed seems reasonable, however I would expect a very short lifetime in both the tyres and the batteries for this. Rimac are pushing 1200bhp from the Concept 1 and can reach 228mph. The CTwo pushes almost 2 thousand bhp and can reach 258, but its battery life is indeed hideous at this extreme limit. I don’t see it unreasonable that a highly developed body combined with the correct gearbox 260+ from an EV would be possible, if a bit mad considering it’s taken Rimac 10 years of development to get this far.

The things for me are price and range, these cars are way too cheap, I would not want something so new techwise being sold for so little. Either the company sells every single car at a loss or these cars are supremo cheap. The range is also weird, since 150 “mpge” means nothing. Most useable EV’s today go from 150 to 350 miles depending on quality, efficiency, etc. The bigger the range the more expensive.

The Zultron is just a concept. No more than a model, and the Kei has really short range, I should put the ranges in, and also, yeah the cars are really cheap, part sharing is what Temple is known for, but I’ll nerf the prices. Also, aren’t the Electrons’ prices reasonable? Tesla sells the P100d for 135 grand, and the Electron A55 is 115k, with lots of part sharing, and the A35 is about 65k where the Tesla Model S is 75k with much more power.

I think you’re missing the point I’m trying to make. Those prices don’t matter anyway because compared to any other car posted here on the forum, they’re arbitrary because they’re not calculated within the same game.

Ilex Purchased buy FG

A recent deal between FG GmbH and Temple states that the American EV company will be purchased and fully integrated by FG. This raises the question that if FG will begin mass producing electric cars, and what affect this will have on their hybrids and and Ilex itself

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