I'm making engines according to

Fictional brands I’ve made.
These are those brands (Origin country in here) :
Volks-Benz (Germany)
Iveric (Latvia-Estonia)
Toyonda (Japan)
Citault (France)
Gamma Juliet (Italy-USA)
EBA (Britain) [stands for [b]Excellent British Autos]
Any ideas for other brands?
I might update this thread as I go on.

Frysler (United States, combination of Ford and Chrysler)
CM , or Corparate Motors (United States)
Tutu (India)
Golden (Australlia)

and I’m out of ideas.

Brisker Motors (United States, like Fisker only faster, LOL) :laughing:

I’m impressed people actually got into this.
Lissan (Japan)

Fangio Automotive (Italian, like “Ascari” named after F1 driver)
Coventry Cars (UK, like “Bristol” named after town it was built in)
Quartz GmbH (German, like “Opel”, and yes, I know the rock is ‘opal’ :stuck_out_tongue: )
Wise (German, like “SMART” cars)
Mayflower Inc. (USA, like “Plymouth”… in fact that was their original logo!)
Carter Motor Company (USA, like “Lincoln”… named after a US president)

Lol, thanks. I’ll release an engine pack in a few days.

ZPS (Polish, meaning Zakład Produkcji samochodów (Car Manufacturing Plant), like FSO, Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych (Passenger Car Factory))


my favorites are:

Yotoya (real. Toyota, sounds like Pablo Montoya :slight_smile:
Wonda (real: Honda like Wonder:-)
Lord (real: Ford)
Reno (real: Renault, but easier to read)