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Import form automation to cms 2021


Can some one help me with the import form automation to cms 2021?
im not very good at blender
i have some cars that i want to import
I would be very grateful for any help
I’m already saying thank you

1st car are the 82 t motorwerke Mira

2st car are the 68 Hellenbach


@Maxbombe AFAIK is the most informed about that.

Exporting cars to cms21 is quite complex, I use the mesh from the beamNG export, which can be found in the exported file as a collada file, and use it as a base to remake a mesh in blender than then is used as a base for a cms mod. It needs quite a lot of 3d work, as you need to properly model doors that opens, as well as hood and trunk, the engine bay, and how the car looks without fenders.



I’ve already tried it like you said. my problem is also more in the 3d level …
maybe I could send you the data and you have a look over it. I would also be willing to give you something for it … because it annoys me that I can’t get any further.

I’m sorry I don’t have time for this, I suggest you learn some basic blender knowledge (there are a lot of great tutorials on youtube) first and then tinker around with your cars eventually. It’s better to do it yourself too, if you’re motivated it’s the occasion to learn some useful skills as well.