Increasing Torque not Horsepower

I’m trying to create a particular engine (1976 Golf MK I GTI), and I’m limited basically by what I can find on the net, bore x stroke, compression, mechanical injection, ect (would post picture but having trouble with prn scr for some reason), anyway, I’ve achieved my desired power, 108BHP, but my torque is down to 127NM not 140NM, which is quite a substancial difference.

If I could do anything to the engine I wanted, I’m sure its possible to achieve high NM, but I’m limited by the facts of the engine, is there a way to increase torque without increasing power? I can post the specs here.

I’m searched but can’t find this topic.


I guess you have to wait for the revamp to build it :slight_smile:
Please note that everything here is preliminary, but I tried to build it in the current beta version running on unleaded 91:

Woah - Legend, thanks Killrob! I’m coming up to holidays shortly, so I should really find a way to get into the Beta testing if it’s open to the public or pre-orderers, gonna compare these numbers to mine and see if I can work it out on the release version.

31.11litres per 100km? O_O what is it? a tank engine? xD

Which part of “Please note that everything here is preliminary” did you not understand?

Hey where’s the g/kwh? Do you plan to re-add it later or is it gone forever? Im not saying there should not be an estimation about L/100km (wich altough is pretty weird since thats only a engine and not a complete car) but I think it should also display the actual efficency of your engine.

g/kWh is not gone… do you see the “economy” button in the torque/power graph? Yeah… a whole graph for economy :slight_smile:
That is because economy @5000RPM is not the same as, say @2200RPM.


That is cool! :smiley:

i DID understand but still, this is funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I instead am just waiting for my new 27” 2560x1440 monitor + MSI GTX670 Power Edition. I just cant wait to see how stunning the Automation is going to look on my new high resolution monitor

Well that was a interesting choice of words as your first post on these forums. Weird but definetly interesting. viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1381&p=12891#p12891

Edit: Btw Automation looks much much smoother on this new monitor than the old one :smiley: