Installation Issues, "Invalid data"

I recently purchased the game, installed the launcher and everything was going well. When I started the launcher it asked it I wanted to install the latest “build” after pressing yes it would begin the install of what I assume to be the game itself. After a while the install would stop about halfway through and would give me a popup window saying something along the lines of “invalid data” and then would just close the launcher. This is really bothersome being as I really want to play the game and even when trying the demo it would do the same. Any ideas of what the issue would be and how to solve it?

Try deleting all Automation-related data, and re-downloading the launcher. Besides that, there is is not much that I can do to help you. I am sure Zeussy will have a better understanding of the problem.

Right now I’m trying a direct install. I’ll know the result tomorrow morning. If nothing changes or a new problem occurs I will try that. Thanks, I didn’t have that in mind.