Is Automation still alive and on track?

I’ve been playing Automation since release and its come a long way since, but has it gone a bit quiet? How far away is it to being a relatively complete game? What’s the time scale / end goal? Even this forums gone a bit quiet in past few months!!!

I’d be gutted if it becomes abandoned, I hope the Devs are alright and nothing bad has happened. I was a massive fan of the game Detroit and played on the Amiga 1200 in the early 90’s and then on DOS in late 90’s to early 00’s later on in the 00’s I was playing it on an emulator (though a bit buggy). Now I’m in my 40’s I play Automation pretty much every day to unwind from work. That’s when Im not playing around with my 2008 Mazda MX-5 2.0 BBR Super 185.

I do hope everyone is well and it would be great to find out where Automation is today and where it’s going.

Well, I think that there is small updates coming all the time, it’s said that a new stable release will come soon and when an update recently was broken it was fixed immediately, I don’t think that the developers have abandoned the project…

Also, about the forum, I did a similar challenge recently like the one I did two years ago. Back then I had 19 participants, now I had 27. No scientifical proof, but at least it says something.


Okay, that’s a positive

You should join Automation’s official Discord server, most people in this forum are hanging out there and helping other people when it comes to design and engineering at there.

And yes, the game is still very alive and on track. Thanks to forum challenges and of course, the Discord server.


There’s been hotfixes practically weekly, but they are announced on the Discord server. A lot more goes on there, as Tronny has said.

The reason it has gone quiet is because we are caught between 2 separate engines.

ah… is that where everyone is, so I need to join the Discord chat? Put the kettle on boys and I’ll be over in minute. :rofl: