Is this useful for real tuners?

Hello developers,
First please receive my more sincere congratulations, this looks awesome, I completely loved the animations of the engine running and that stuff but I have a few questions.

Is this just a game? I mean, are the physics any real at all? for example, powertrain losses? environment conditions? engine friction? road friction with tires? and so on? or this is for “show” only?

The reason I am asking this is because right now I am using another software (NxGTR Sim) but it is kind of “results oriented” only, without this 3D modeling you have in here, I searched all your website but couldnt find if I can take this as a possible replacement to my current needs.

Thanks in advance.

It’s fairly accurate, but there are a few aspects that are simplified or glossed over a fair bit. Mind you the power and torque figures etc. are usually within about 5% of what a real engine of similar specs would do.

There is quite a lot of real physics that has gone into the design of it, but its all turned into a set of parameters that simulate the results we want, its not actually doing physics calculations itself.

I’d recommend it as a great way to learn a lot about engine design, but its not a replacement for “desktop dyno” kind of software, as it doesn’t calculate in anywhere as much depth as those kind of packages.

Got it, thanks a lot for that incredible fast response, you give me good confidence in here, I am automotive engineer but always looking to find interesting things to get fun and learn if possible, will try yours.

I must point out though, that whilst we don’t simulate everything in detail, we do at least do our research. We’re about to make some changes to the engine designer and we’ve got enough internal combustion engineering textbooks on the way to beat a horse to death :laughing:

and the cart that goes with them!

The elusive Item Nr. 5!

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while on the live stream - Daffy and Zeussy were in the process of buying a bunch of textbooks off amazon i think? and when they went to check out - there were 5 items in the cart - they only wanted 4 textbooks - after much head scratching i had the idea that maybe they were buying the cart as well and the whole lot would be delivered in a handcart - the cart being the 5th item with 4 books - turns out it wasnt anything as awesome as that - they just had 2 of one textbook added extra :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will try to see live streaming once, but here at GMT-8 and there at GMT+10 (Melbourn?) make it a little bit complicated.