It's A Pirate's Life For Me

Honestly, I wish I could afford the game. The developers put a lot of love into this one, but I just don’t want to purchase something that quite often crashes on even the lowest quality settings. My laptop really is bad. And dirt cheap.
I won’t be purchasing until I can get a good computer, but I need to get one that is within the budget of my disability payment. Times are tough.
Anyone got any suggestions? I’ll send a link to my current model’s specifications. I really want to be able to buy the game, but I need something that can run it without simply dying.
The Laptop I’m Currently Forced To Deal With

Well, purely theoretically you can buy it, and it might be able to pull this game, but with extremely low settings.
I was not able to lower the memory consumption that is required for this game, and it is because of this parameter the game will not work well.
Unreal Engine does not tolerate compromises.
My total memory consumption is stuck at 6.2 GB. This, of course, still included a few more processes, including Steam at 500 mb.

Asus itself makes very good quality hardware, I have the plate plus a 4GB GPU graphics card from Asus.
I also have a 16GB CPU in my configuration.
Maybe your laptop will pull this game, 4gb CPU plus 4gb built-in GPU = 8gb.

Yes also, laptops by themselves are not good for gaming, they overheat a lot and break down. That’s why I recommend putting props under the bottom platform to ensure proper ventilation.
So I recommend to accumulate a little more money, get a better understanding of the apparatus, and make the right choice, with a reserve for the future.

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True, though it’s a 10fps nightmare.

I sent you a DM just in case I can help, but also what about using a Steam shadow (or remote play or whatever its called) Where you basically “rent” the use of a very powerful computer and just stream it?

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Nvidia has a similar service, and there is Google Stadia too. Do some price shopping.

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Stadia is a separate platform, Automation would have to be released there - and even ported AFAIK. Yes, it’s that dumb. But Nvidia’s service might work, and it has a free version too.

@jtsc1181 What an odd-specced laptop :thinking: Modern, but still with 4 GB of RAM. Another option I’d suggest you is looking for sth more powerful, but used - it would be significantly cheaper. Although I don’t know how’s the availability of decent used laptops in your area.

Also, I know everyone’s got their own sensitivity for that, but until recently I’ve played Automation in around 15 fps - by choice. It’s not a dynamic game, IMO it’s ok as long as the fixtures can be moved without issues.


The used market is definitely where you want to look. Some broad suggestions:

  • If you buy a used laptop, try and find one with an easily-accessible battery. Lithium batteries are consumables and only last so many discharge cycles. After a while, your lithium battery will become useless. Being able to replace that, especially when someone has already used the battery, is worthwhile.
  • The other good option if you don’t need mobility is to buy an old desktop PC, swap in a better GPU and potentially a better PSU and have a good system. GPU prices are inflated right now, but it’s still an option. If you do this, make sure the existing PSU uses standard connectors - it’s common for some major OEMs like Dell or HP to use proprietary PSUs (which can’t be upgraded and lack either the connectors or the power to run a better GPU).
  • See if there’s any community organisations that can help you out. Several places may offer reconditioned devices for cheap.

Might as well describe my situation in terms of finances and location.
I’m on a disability welfare payment of €208 per week, which goes on rent to live with my mother. I spend all but €20, which is also spent on tobacco.
I’m living in the Republic of Ireland, so RIP to my economy. I’ve been trying to get a job, but, as an autistic without a full education, this is something that has proven unsuccessful thus far.
So my budget is almost nonexistent. I live in an expensive country. Even more expensive now with that fool Putin putting more strain on the EU. And no, I’m not going there with political arguments.
Basically, I can save a small amount of money, but it would take me months. A used computer is my best bet. (I actually have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, but I lack the actual machine for a desktop)
I also found a way to make the game run a bit better. As a result, I have a HDD literally taped into the laptop by the cable, which if removed will do very bad things. I keep a bit of ‘biology’ there, and do not want stuff getting corrupted.
Any ideas for such a situation? My aunt does have a desktop in storage, but it runs XP, so not much of an improvement, if any.

The style of your text doesn’t really resemble a person with autism. Oh, that’s okay.
I recommend that you count every coin. A bad economy and state of life is no reason to give up from entertainments. I encourage you to find easier games.
For example, CS with bots. Which, however, quickly gets boring.
You also have to give up tobacco.
Listen to Eminem and get an Internet job, and then you’ll be fine. Maybe.
But I believe in your weird story.
Just because you’re poor it doesn’t mean that civilization has turned its back on you.

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As for the way I use my words, I’m mostly self educated. I even made some creative writing which has been quite well received by the few people who read them. Though my verbal communications and social skills in general are absolutely tragic. I’ve developed a stutter at some point which bothers me to no end.
Never played Counter Strike. Seen a few videos online, but none of my friends play on PC. We all use Xbox, and I’m often recruited into games of Rocket League, to my disdain. We used to play GTA, but after we cut our ties with one of the guys who ended up getting arrested for some pretty bad stuff, we haven’t played since. If anything, I pray for a console port of Automation. Unlikely, but it would definitely work, and I’d certainly be interested in purchasing.
I’ve tried to quit smoking before. First time lasted 30 minutes. Second time was a week. Third was a month. I’m in the process of cutting down the amount I smoke, and have purchased a rather impressive vape.
Eminem? Nah, you’re grand. Not my cup of tea. Definitely would listen to some Phil Collins or David Bowie.
Weird as my story is, it astonishes me more than anyone. We all have a story to tell.
And as for civilization, only time will tell. I’m a patient guy, and I am willing to give anything a go.

Try your hand at copywriting. I used to do it, and it’s a good income.
From you are required to: understand the subject, write an article, check for uniqueness and put it up for sale.
In general, it is a good development. You will start to understand a lot of things at once, and do not buy into cheap marketing tricks. I used to write 1 page A4 Colibri text at 3300 symbols with no spaces.
I could write 4 articles a day in 8 hours.
And that counted as great productivity for me.


Wow. Never had much of an attention span. Despite my long term patience, I’d never be able to focus on something like that for that long. Granted, I’m more likely to do something for long periods of time when I enjoy it. I’m fascinated with the inner workings of vehicles and engines, not just cars. From the smallest single cylinder bike engine to the giant coalblowing steamboats of old, I love to learn about engines, down to the last rivet or bolt. As such, my dream is to become a mechanic, so I have the skills to one day build a car of my own. I’ve done a lot on paper already; engine, name, design, interior, chassis, and more. It’s one of the reasons I use Automation, so I can perfect my skills as a designer.