I've got a bunch of odd filenames

'Nuff said? No? Ok.
Now, I’m not sure If this was part / a side-effect of your “saving the cars to a database” stuff, but… I’ve got a bunch of odd filenames. Example :c374ce01-caae-11e4-8c2b-dd2d509a94dc-a5ec3ce6-ffd6-11e5-8287-50e5499d3210 is a car trim. I know how to tell which car it is, because I can sort by time after editing etc. I’ve got a bunch of other trims I can’t edit, because I can’t revise them, and I want to work them out ( minor OCD, or so I tell myself) . Did my install decide to have a self-fiddling session?
Have verified and copied old archives over, to no avail. Latest open beta. Your time starts…now!

That is exactly what it should be, it is part of the new file system. If you want to get individual cars out, use the export feature.

I tried exporting a car or two, the filenames were the same. This wouldn’t be confusing if it were consistent. Some trims still have conventional names, and others that I’ve renamed in editor still have their original filenames. It’s just me trying to understand.

Cars from old version will still have their old names I assume. I don’t see how that is relevant though?
Why can’t you revise some trims? Are they so old that they no longer are compatible?

I’ll ask you to forgive my ignorance. I didn’t think that exporting a car would still give the individual files the new-format name.
A few of my trims (and even models) became corrupted, and I’ve ended up with a loose files, which is why I started looking at the names. Some were easy to find/delete, others not, because of name format change. No big deal.

Thanks for the reply.