Journey of Ownership 3B - A Brake From Convention [Bin Round Finished]

heyo Im one of the people who would want a deadline extention (prolly by like 2-3 days) was just making other builds to try get used to the game, I feel confident enough in my abilites now

Deadline has ended for the competition. Fuck knows when I’ll get around with doing the reviews but I’ll try to get them out as soon as my Uni schedule lets me.

I have received entries from:
@xsneakyxsimx & @DrDoomD1scord

If your name is not on this list but you HAVE submitted an entry, throw me a DM.

@stayin_loud I sent you a DM. Usually I’d be willing to not allow extensions at the very last moment, but you did reach out just before the deadline ended. So just reach out to me and I’m sure we can come into terms about how to approach this, as I don’t want you to be left out. In fact I’m fine with giving you time till I am done with the instabin round.

But yeah, other than that, SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED.


Tag that Cadillon’s rear quarter view as #NSFW, for it is hot and bothersome.


no need to wait for me anymore, I havnt any good ideas, I didnt want to use the 240Z body because everyone else was using it, now I realise its the only good option and that just made my enthusiasm plummet. So yeah, im out


Any news on this? :slight_smile:


On the way, should be done within 48 hours.

Edit: Between two ensuing assignment submission deadlines, and covering for a coworker at work, I’m a bit held back with posting the reviews for now. But I’ll pull an all nighter after my shift ends anyway, so I’ll post it during that. Just a little bit more patience guys.


I hope I speak for everyone when I say that we would be okay with a slightly longer wait if it means that you don’t have to push yourself too hard. I think your physical and mental wellbeing is more important than a ‘for fun’ competition for a video game. Don’t feel as though you have to get it out ASAP


Journey of Ownership 3-B:
A Brake From Convention

For the sake of Simplicity, the binning round will be done OOC, as in I will be reviewing them without Magda’s POV.

The "We need a better engineering division" Bins:

Cadillon Vitesse 2000 by @ldub0775

One of the best looking cars in this challenge. Great details all around, used the natural shapes of the body to its strength. Looks very stylish, has an imposing but charming vibe to it. Dig it in terms of design.

Engineering, however…



If you can convince me that a 2 Liter, Aluminum V8 that revs up to 8k RPM has ANY place inside what’s essentially a sporty grand tourer, that too in the late 60s, I’ll buy your entire stock of this car. Go ahead.

Oh, too bad, looks like the engine shook itself apart before you could finish your argument. Tends to happen when the engine is a screaming redline monster, has way too aggressive cam and spring profile, is made of Aluminum, and has fuck all quality points.

In fact the whole car has absolutely ZERO quality points to it. Just techpool points were utilized. Reminder that every time you don’t put tons of quality in all of the high techpool areas in your car, you are literally losing out on cheap upgrades on your car.

The car itself isn’t bad minus the sport + luxury interior choice, seems kinda out of place IMO. Prem Luxury or Sport Prem would’ve made more sense at its budget and market. Overall, the car mostly suffers from having no quality points utilized, and having an engine that’s completely incompatible with it. A slightly bigger 6 cylinder or a V8 that’s nearly twice as big that revs low should fix its issues.

I’d say this tho, would’ve made it to the finals simply by having a sensible engine, despite the other engineering problems.

Hammardiin Gladiator V2 GTSB by @xsneakyxsimx @DrDoomD1scord

Again, one of the better looking cars in the competition. Absolutely dig the Toyota 2000GT-esque styling. All the effort made towards the subtle custom shaping, rear window shape, side profile is visible because it stands out from the rest of the cars on the same body. Good job on that.

Revs low, big straight 6. What’s the issue with the reliability then?



Considering it’s a carb system, I suppose I can overlook that bit.

That’s almost too much airflow at peak loads though, you don’t need this much headroom, not at that era for sure.

:skull: Nah mate. At least fuck around and find out what these do. This engine could’ve performed so much better if you moved these around. It would’ve allowed you to set a lower redline and fix your reliability issues.


You’d never see this on a car like this, like ever. The DeLorean is an anomaly, and now your car has joined the list as well.

You’ve managed to make a cheap car with decent fuel consumption, and with relatively low minmax, but then you pull shit like this:



Again, a sufferer of not using quality and not really knowing what’s compatible with the rest of the engineering of the car. But you’re definitely getting there, just needs more honing.

The "Our designers were on sick leave" Bins:

Primus Solair by @Happyhungryhippo

First time I glanced at this car, it reminded me of NPC cars from video games because of how unremarkable it loo… grrrrrr… mimimimimimimi--------------- grrrrrr… mimimimimimimi HUH WHAT SORRY I FELL ASLEEP TRYING TO DESCRIBE IT AAAA.

I believe you stated that you were 60+ years old. Magda is half your age. You were supposed to design a car for someone half your age.

Would you buy this if you were half your age? Would you go to your spouse and tell them:

“Wow honey this car looks so stylish and modern and definitely compatible with someone who’s the chief editor of one of the biggest automotive magazines in Germany”???

Wrong, the answer is no. You wouldn’t.

Being a big bad meany about the styling aside, the engineering itself is very sensible. Managed to put 4 bbl single choke carb without tanking reliability to the depths of hell like the last car, I’m impressed.


Curve is doing some wonky shit for being a premium shooting brake, but I’ll let it slide.

Quick look at the rest of the engineering of the car reveals more sensible choices throughout the build, especially considering the cheapness and reliability.

This would’ve fared fine in the finals if it weren’t for the design straight out of a Rockstar game from the 00s.

Phantom Deserter SB 308 by @Kevin980

Slightly better than the last car. Slightly. It looks waaaay too cheap and understyled for its budget and class. I mean this does not look like a car that harbors sport interior and a limited-slip diff.

Engineering for the most part is done alright. Big pushrod V8 with 4 bbl single choke configuration, even better reliability than the last car. Super stable power curve. Could’ve gone with a smaller manifold and less rich fuel mixture.

The clutched diff is honestly pointless here, barely gives you any better stats and the 0-100 time gain is not worth it. Sensible use of quality throughout the build.

Was about to praise how good the steering is for having a manual rack/pinion system, then I saw this:


Stance moment. It’s not unreasonable by any means, but also negates the good words I had in mind for the otherwise great steering. Springs are tighter than what I’d prefer in a car like this. So yeah, work on your suspension setup game.

Overall, decent car, but you ain’t goin’ anywhere if it looks like this:

Among participants who are rivalling real life cars in terms of looks.

The "Good cars, but there are good-er options" Bins:

These bins were hard to do, because deep down they would all be worthy of going to the finals, if not for tiny setbacks here and there. If your car is in this pile, know that you just BARELY missed the finals.

Mayster Triumf S2 2.0 Shooting Brake by @AndiD

Great car, great stats, light as a supermodel, sensible engineering, looks are outmatched by the others.

Probably one of the best value cars in terms of how much you’re getting, how cheap it is to service and refuel, and how goddamn reliable it is. 2L pushrod Boxer-4 with no balancing shaft, single bbl twin choke carbs, very well tuned compression/cam/springs, and cast/alu design.

I’m overall impressed by how well it performs considering its specs. It’s a bit anemic compared to the rest of the cars, and while that’s not a huge issue by itself, I feel like having a bit more horsepower would’ve helped its case.

It’s unsafe as fuck though, tends to happen with standard safety and fibreglass body I suppose. Magda won’t be a fan of that considering she’s still young and her kids will be riding the car as well.

But I get the vibe it’s going for. It’s very realistic for a Triumph-esque British sportscar. And while I dig it, your car misses the brief by a little bit. Would’ve helped if the looks were a bit more interesting, and not as unremarkable as it is rn.

Juno Mantua by @Fantic2000

I love how this car looks. It just speaks to me. The fascia, the subtle details, side profile and vents, rear window design, asymmetry in the badge… it’s all a very nice visual package.

Engineering isn’t bad buuuuuut:


Second car to do this. Again I just don’t see a company using dedicated corrosion resistant steel back in the 60s for cars. Most just used regular carbon steel. This is unnecessary cost because it honestly doesn’t do much for the car.

Engine is decent but suffers from some reliability loss due to having a 2bbl twin choke setup, and SOHC. Very nice power and torque curve though, perfect in that regard. Propels the 1.2 ton car to 100 in 6.6 seconds… quite fast, but there are tradeoffs for it.

The main problem with this car is the value proposition. It’s good, but not at the price it is being offered at. Cheaper and better overall cars exist. The main problem isn’t with its on-paper specs, but rather the setup of some stuff. At 20 grand, I can’t justify this car going to the finals with its stats and setup. And it definitely didn’t need the premium 8 track for sure. Should’ve saved the cor-res. steel and 8 track money for other engineering choices that would’ve elevated the case for comfort.

Good attempt, you’re on the right path.

Zephorus Espion by @Riley

Best looking car in this round, unsurprisingly. Tons of subtle but notable details everywhere, well proportioned fixtures, looks 100% era accurate and the design is quintessentially Italian. Right balance of quirks and elegance.

The main reason why you didn’t reach the finals is because of the space available inside the car. It’s not very spacious for a family of 4 who don’t have a bigger secondary car for trips. It’s blistering fast at 6.5 seconds, but that comes at a cost… the worst fuel economy of all cars in this round, and that includes cars that have at least 50% more space than this.

I mean most of the engineering decisions were going pretty well, then this happened:

Push cam profile and springs that far, win a bin for having dogshit fuel economy I guess. It’s a 3.6L straight six inside a grand tourer sportscar, you can make it less of a screamer.

Too much airflow headroom, fucks with both power curve and economy. Tightening it down would’ve given you a much better power curve.


Too much mate, too much.

Rest is pretty alright. Again, if you address the problems above, despite its size it could’ve been a contender. The value proposition isn’t bad, the upkeep is.

That concludes the binning round. If your car wasn't in this round, congratulations, you've made it to the finals.

Cars that have made it to the finals:


See you soon in the next round!


First off, my apologies to @DrDoomD1scord who did an incredible job with the visual aspects of the car. I am sorry my engineering has let you down.

Now, on to the binninging.

Didn’t realise that the carb system was going to be so detrimental to the reliability, will have to look into that for future comps

Yeah, I was trying to make it very sporty and get too tunnel visioned into the numbers for those stats and the associated graph. That is another lesson I shall try to take in.

Same as above, too focused on the sportiness of the engine, and I can easily forget some sliders exist like the springs and lifters, as well as the weight of the pistons, conrod and crankshaft.

I’ve had quite a few comps where the lack of environmental resistance was perceived (by me) to be a failing so I have made it a default choice when I am just learning that it wasn’t as common for earlier cars. I’ll try to keep an eye on this.

If you were to have a look back at basically all of my entries, I seldom touch the quality sliders. Probably the bane of my engineering choices along with the fact of me always making the sliders have numbers end in 0 or 5. I’m trying to do better when it comes to exploring all these different decades and markets. Hopefully in future I can avoid being binned.


I appreciate looking back at the choices and trying to figure out what’s wrong. Great attitude to have when you’re relatively new to the game.

About the quality setting, it’s something you grow an intuition of. Knowing where to pour them points and when to stop is knowledge that you receive when you play around with them.


Sadly, I’ve been around since the Kee Engine days. Just been getting into the comps more recently. :rofl:

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Ah yeah for sure, if you’re just new to participating in competitions, that still applies


That, my fellow, is great sportmanship. Both old thubs are going up.

Almost. 59. Which isn´t that much a difference.

I was about to say yes, but going deeeeeply inside my memories: Propably not. Half my age was the time of W124s, and I yawned at them.

The GTA car name didn´t make it better, I guess. I still think it is not a bad design, but not for the client you had in mind, I get that. Good to know the engineering is - as in most cases - competetive, where the experience of decades with old cars actually do pay off. The review was in-depth, I am astonished how close you looked onto the choices made by the entrants. That´s nice, definitely.

So - no negative feelings from my side, since what you wrote (I am a dinosaur building cars for other close-to-extinction dinosaurs) is actually true in this case. Better luck next time.


Shit brother I missed the Solair name :skull:
Literally GTA reference. But yeah all that aside, mostly it’s Magda not being a suitable buyer of this car with the styling it has. Everything else is pretty decent.

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Well, this is what I drove even below Magdas age…

But just because it was damn cheap for what it offered and had a three-year warranty AND they gave me good money for my Audi which I traded in. :smiley:


You’re speaking to someone who drove an AE92 Corolla at 17 years of age, I totally getchu. But yeah, since Magda has the money to spare, why wouldn’t she buy a nice looker that costs more.

Well, I definitely had a feeling of getting binned due to some silly engineering mistakes.

I made this choice because of environmental resistance being a part of the priorities. However, I did not know that corr. resistant steel was not used by companies in the 60’s.

This is where I struggled the most with engineering the car. I did not have a good idea of what a “realistic” price range would have been at the time of making the car, although I knew that my car was on the more expensive side.

All things considered, I see this as a good learning opportunity for myself as I am still relatively new to automation and the challenges on this forum. I just have to improve my engineering skills to avoid being binned in the future.


I wouldn’t say your car was binned because of just being expensive, because there’s actually a car that made it to the finals that’s waaay more expensive than yours.
The issue is how efficiently you used that budget, which wasn’t a lot considering cheaper or equally expensive cars managed similar stats.
I’d mostly blame the cor. res. steel and advanced 8 track system for the elevated costs. But yeah overall, solid entry. Maybe a bit on brand for an Italian brand charging a bit more than what’d be sendible, just for the brand value.


Among the better bin rounds I have seen, well worth the waiting, looking forward to the finals.

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(bin for stainless)
(bin for stainless)
(bin for high price/low value at $20k)