Journey of Ownership 3C - Bahnstormer 1978 [FINISHED]

since this doesn’t appear to be banned or anything here is a 1958 Knightwick K40 roadster

and you may be thinking, that car has no internal rear storage. Fear not as there is space behind the seats for any cameras, tripods or even cats. Plus any large cases can be strapped to the exterior luggage rack.


Just a reminder to whoever’s got their car ready: early ads are fine, early file submissions will not count. Only files submitted between the listed start and end dates will count as submitted.


Presenting the 1958 Otari 105 Estate

Practicality in a small and nimble package.




Now packing over 40 horsepower(!), the Kaffee offers style at an affordable price.


Well, as of 8 and a half hours ago, submissions are open! And with 3 ads posted before the opening, so I predict a fun challenge ahead. Get to work y’all

Damn, that thing really does have style. Hard to beat in terms of design.


Thank you! We’ll see how it does on the engineering side, but I’m pretty happy with the looks. So far the other entries look really good too!

1958 Moravia DA 850 Veverka

A quality built Czech people’s car, powered by a rear mounted 30hp 847cc OHV inline three. Able to hit nearly 70mph while returning 30 mpg. Available in the western markets for only $7750 AMU.


The Aero Zipp

This iconic microcar prides itself in being small, cute, and fun to drive while still being cheap and efficient. With an upgraded, European-specific engine tune for 1958, the Zipp can almost be called sporty with 20hp in a 470kg body; it’s even fast enough for highway cruising!

Version offered is a premium model, with 2-tone tan/blue paint and an upgraded interior.


1958 Mara Kamerad 1.3 SKE

When Mara’s original plans to sell their first clean sheet small family car design abroad evaporated due to changing safety regulations in one of their main export markets (cough LHC cough) in the mid 1950s, they pivoted towards small-scale exports to various European countries on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

The car was usually named as direct translations of the original name Tovarysh into the respective target language. However, due to differing political sensitivities, their West German offering was named differently compared to their offering in the GDR, despite being essentially the same car.

The second gen ‘Tov’ was easily distinguishable from the first generation on the outside due to having both a single piece windscreen and rear window.

On the inside, notable changes include a less thirsty engine, a 4-speed gearbox and a basic radio - the latter due to the mandate that all Archanan production cars shall be equipped with one from the factory (pre-tuned to the state broadcaster for domestic sales).


Just to confirm, this means that we can have them as 2 seaters if they can have a rear seat? Or if they have access to a second row they must have both rows utilized?

They may be two-seaters. The choice between the 1-star priority of comfort and the 1-star priority of practicality… Is yours.

Presenting: The 1958 Hemsley Comet. With an Ascot Automotive derived engine, because apparently I try to shoehorn A.A into everything I make now…


1958 Aérovol T1

Aérovol, the renowned french aeronautic manufacturer made the move to automobiles in the early 50s, simply put, they made cheap, light ‘‘cars’’ (barely so), in 1958 they unveiled the T1, a small city car powered by a small but capable-enough boxer 4.

if described nowadays, it could definitely qualify as ‘an car’.


1958 Bechov K1142

“Bechov’s latest city car, the 2-door K1142, has now been approved for export to both eastern- and western-block countries”

Powered by a 1.8L inline four, it produces an economical and strong 46 horsepower.
Top speed of over 70 miles per hour.
Reliable and safe tuning gives 29 miles per galon.
Low service costs and plenty of home-maintenance options available.
Cost price is a bargain at less than AM$5,200!

Incomplete Brand Lore Thread

Bechov (1945 onwards)


old clunker incoming because lore correctness

1958 Primus Publica DL

The Publica, around since 1953, might look a little dated these days. We won’t lie to you: It is. Built as fleet vehicle for commercial use, it won’t please with fancy design or modern technology. But it is spacious, safe, and, most important, reliable and designed to withstand even the worst road conditions without taking damage. All that for very competetive prices.

The consumer market sees growing wealth and asks us to offer “fancier” products. How to improve a Publica then?

The 18 de Luxe not only offers the well-known 63 horsepower machine and a four-speed full synchronized gearbox, it also offers an impressive amount of luxury features, such as:

  • Two-tone-paint
  • dual outside mirrors
  • 12-Volt-generator
  • a radio (!), even a good one from Telefunken
  • folding canvas roof, padded for cold winters, but easy to operate in hot summers
  • useful foglamps
  • a little more chrome trim than the regular Publica 18.

You won’t get more car for less money - this is a fully competetive midsize car for only 1050 DM (8430 AM$)!



We understand if it feels like a bold move. We tend to always fear the unknown. So, here we have some facts that will probably make you feel calm and confident.

IP automobiles are built by the large Sanju corporation in Ariya. A company that makes everything from small light bulbs to large ships. A company that has built vehicles for over 25 years now. Passenger cars for 10 years. The quality control is at least as good as what any western company has. Our passenger car, the IP Lily, is a fully modern quality compact automobile, and if you didn’t know where it was made, you probably would never have guessed right.

If that sounds convincing, there is even more to it. In the market for one of our competitors? Check out this list and look things up, do that car give you all of this for only $8200 AMU?

  • Dual external mirrors
  • Stainless wheel trim rings
  • Two tone paint
  • Electric wipers
  • 12 volt electrics
  • Two tone elegant and practical nylon/leatherette interior
  • Cigar lighter
  • Dual sun visors
  • Radio
  • Four speed fully synchronized transmission
  • Progressive springs

Now, if you still are unsure if you are informed enough to make your choice, don’t worry. It is only natural that it takes time to adapt new ways of thinking. We recommend you to visit one of our dealerships instead. If a test drive doesn’t convince you, we don’t know if anything will do it.

Do you dare?


The Floyd Motor Co. Robin comes in a perfect size for emerging Teutonic roads.

The Robin is Floyd Co’s most compact city vehicle, but with seating for 4 (in a 2+2 arrangement), offers plenty of space for all. A comfortable ride, easy driving, and great economy are just the beginning.

Robin’s cheerful design brings smiles to its drivers as well as those you pass. And when you need to move, the peppy 1.1L 4cyl engine with 50 HP assures a smooth transition to highway speeds.

The functional and fun interior comes color-matched to the exterior.

Shown here in standard two-tone Robin Egg blue for $7200 as-equipped!

More pics


Allow me to introduce you to SUMA’s first medium car for the civilian market, the M303 Crucera. In contrast to the truck-based Valori compact they started out making, or the general-purpose, do-it-all Selecta that would replace the Crucera only two years later, the M303 is strictly a road car.

Featuring a modern FWD powertrain with a 43 HP 1.3L four-cylinder mated to a patented HiLo Hands-Free automatic transmission, operation of a motor vehicle has never been simpler; just choke, start, and go. With your hands and mind free from all but speed and steering, countryside journeys can involve anything from quick pics of the rolling hills to the wrangling of anything ornery sitting in the other seat or finding a new setting on the (included in export models) comprehensive central entertainment system. At an optimal rating of 26 MPG (US), what a trip it will be!

Dependable, capable, comfortable, and practical, and it does it all for only a $7500 up front charge. We promise, you won’t find anything more stylish or versatile for the price!

Contact your local dealer to arrange the delivery of a Crucera in your choice of any from Valori Red, Cosanza Wine, La Creama, Alpine Sky, Grassy Dream, Marble White, Dark Trillium, Fresh Candy, Tuscan Sun, or (pictured) Sweet Mint. Interior options include either beige or grey cloth with navy leatherette inserts only. Pictured options include roof cargo accessory, colored wheels, cigarette lighter, and mild chrome hubcaps. Not seen but also available are an oil bath air cleaner, rear seatbelts and headrests, and bumper-attached reversing lamp.