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Welcome to the KAX Company’s engine showroom!

KAX is a, and a possible THE company that fits your needs. A modern company who uses rigorous testing sessions, extensive data sheets and amazing engineering crafting to make the best car and engines. We focus on delivering quality but something you may afford. You think it’s just another one of those companies, but we’re very proud of our products. And yes, it’s only one person but it’s a company right? So 1st person plural.

Our engines are crafted to perfection depending on what the market and consumer wants, or what we vision. From high powered engines that have been sucked as much power as it would make sense, to the engine that works after 20 years in icy conditions. We mix engine configurations and rigorous tests to assure our engines are THE engine.

Now that the formalities are gone… hello all Automation users! I’ve owned this game for about 1 year, but decided to come back. My grandfather is of course a rather great car fan and I sometimes use this game with him, we’re trying to replicate his Mazda 6 gen 2, and having fun. So I decided to actually learn better and gain experience and feedback on my creations so, I opened the company KAX. If you’re wondering why the name, here nationstates.net/nation=kasinox. I’ll progressively post new engines here, so I hope you guys’ll enjoy them, because I surely do :mrgreen: PS: I don’t have yet the image editing skills to make my engine pictures look like ads, but if you wish, you can do it for me. Also, if you have any requests or want me in your company or semi-related (making engines) I’ll happily work with you.

**KAX 2.0L XP 32V DOHC Turbo “Razgriz” **

The first engine by KAX, our goal here was to make an engine that was going to roar and was squeezed out the power of it, fine tuned to the maximum. We hope you enjoy this motor, starting as low as 22’110$:

  • Quadcam 32V
  • 2000CC on a V8
  • 525HP@9600RPM
  • Water cooled
  • Supercharged and Turbo installed
  • And more…

Here for more pictures in the showroom imgur.com/a/QlBtb

This motor was made for intern cars, models include: G1. The engine will fit in a G1 and Y1

Note: I’m not sure how the rating works, but I guess some of them are really bad for a sport engine or not? And yes, I aimed for 525HP, the CC too, not by chance :sunglasses:

More coming soon…