Kirin Economy Engine

The design goal for this engine was not only to have a high economy, but also to be small, cheap, have usable power, and while at the same time be very reliable. If you have any advice to decrease it’s cost further without harming the economy, please let me know.

Kirin is the name of my made up car company. This engine is being used in the Kirin Echo, a small reliable AWD 4 door hatchback, costing only 8200 USD.

This is a very reliable, very cheap engine with a good powerband. Emissions are also top grade. I would say you’ve got the build right! My only question is the RON, most likely this engine would take 91RON (I don’t know what this is in AKI). If you have room to move, you can either up compression or ignition timing, or reduce mix.

Also whenever I think kirin I think beer :laughing:

86.4 is the max for regular gas, you’ve got a great little engine here well done. One suggestion is try upping the exhaust diameter 1 click and switching to double baffled mufflers they are a bit louder but cheaper And lighter, but that’s just my preference really as it this is superb.

Not a bad little engine. The torque curve is a bit lumpy, you could probably smooth it out using a different combo of compression and ignition timing. I took a shot at it using standard quality settings, but went from iron to aluminum and OHC to DOHC. Couldn’t quite match the fuel economy, but it’s slightly cheaper, lighter, and more powerful.

1.6L 16V DOHCRev0.lua (41.8 KB)

Oh it just uses the “Regular Unleaded”. Using a higher grade then that feels like cheating to me.

Thanks for all the help, I decided to try and play around with the bore, stroke, and the quality sliders some which bore fruit, thought it reduces it’s economy and reliability a little, it did make it a bit cheaper. There was no benefit at all from using aluminum or alsi, aside from a lower weight, which wasn’t in the design goals. The engine is small enough that it doesn’t add up to much. The powerband is pretty much identical to the original one in shape.

Here is the LUA for the original Rev0
1.6L 8V OHCRev0.lua (40.9 KB)

Here is the LUA for the new one Rev2.
1.6L 8V OHCRev2.lua (40.9 KB)

I really should put Kirin branding in the names, but it doesn’t really matter yet.