Kyorg's Certified Di Inferi Torero

Over 15 hours of work went into this single car. The body is 100% custom and painstakingly built out of 3D objects - but there isn’t a modern wedge body in the game, so I made it work the only way I know how.
The only original part of the body (10sSupercar01) left is the windshield.

The Di Inferi Torero (Bullfighter) is the epitome of the modern supercar. Aggressive, edgy styling with performance to match - a badge that carries enough clout to get you just about anywhere, and a price tag big enough to empty your kids’ college funds three times over. Its overbuilt 4.0L biturbo V12 produces just over 500 horsepower - not much, right? What it lacks in pure horses it makes up for in a complete lack of turbo lag and one of the best exhaust notes on the market. A comfortable, technologically competitive interior brings all the creature comforts expected in vehicles of pure luxury directly into this unhinged speed beast.

If you’re looking for the perfect car to compliment your (colossal) ego - look no further.

Huge shoutout to @Secrane for letting me use his badging and brand name for this design. Go check out his exceptional Di Inferi designs here: Automobili Di Inferi


Here are my first thoughts on the Torero:

Visual design - As one of the best uses of the 12C body, this is an immensely detailed work of art, and an absolute stunner from any and every angle. Enough said.

Engineering - 500 horsepower is quite low, and firmly in C63 territory, so it has to compensate in some way - with exceptional handling and a low curb weight. For the sake of the car, I hope it has both. Then again, there’s always some headroom in the range for a much more powerful variant.

Overall, one of the best designs anyone has ever made - I just wish it was as much go as show.


very nice and good abg i hope you do this to every car on the forum


Such an incredible design, a ton of detail put into it with some very creative uses of fixtures, 500 horsepower seems quite low for what it is but this is a very strong and detailed design

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