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Kyoshi Motors / 京子モータース

The Kyoshi brand has been running since 1988, founded by Kiyoshi Kai, being one of the most young automotive brands out there. In needs of exporting their cars outside of the pacific ocean, the brand started as a division of Aizen Automotive Corporation (愛染自動車株式会社), as the company’s luxury branch.

However, they haven’t dissapointed ever since. By offering the highest-quality driving experience, it quickly became an instant reference to “prestige”.

While engines, drivetrains and chassis were provided by Aizen Automotive Corporation, the engineering happened in a completely different pace. The first car of the brand, the Kyoshi K200, was the most luxurious car for years, after an intense research was put into creating the “perfect sedan”. By being supported by Aizen, they were able to fund large projects, which would end up in a completely different margin of the sales managed by the Aizen Automotive Corporation.

Never look back.

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2021 Kyoshi K700S R SPORT

The year of 2021 was seen with the release of the revitalized K700 sedan from Kyoshi, considered the 4th generation of the sucessor of the original K200 sedan. The design was highly controversial, with an appeal to more passionate drivers and highly exaggerated detailing. It offered the known level of luxury from Kyoshi, while now being more sided to the sports sedan category.

The R SPORT is the sporty trim level, offering a perfect balance between comfort and driving focused features, presenting dynamic performance instrumentation and bypass valves. New colors were added to the selection, including Hypersonic Red, Salvage Grey (in the picture), Essential Blue and more.

And of course, a larger naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 engine was introduced, alongside a sport-tuned suspension and the recently optimized version of the adaptive variable suspension from the R SPORT models. The engine boasts a full 448 horsepower at 7,200rpm and 395 lb-ft of torque, beneficiating from the 7 gear dual-clutch gearbox.



A mid-sized sports saloon with a normally aspirated V8? Sign me up!

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Reminds me of a Lexus IS-F. Nice performance sedan with clean design.

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