Le mans engine help needed

I need some help with the le-mans engine.
I am nearly done but I seem to be missing those last few points in engine responsiveness.

It has to be 79 I am at 74,8 what do I have to do to fix this?

3 quick hints small stroke, small fly wheel and you don’t need all 5000cm^3 :slight_smile:

What morgoth says is holds true; try an engine that revs a bit more, and is smaller :slight_smile: 2758cc for the one I got platinum rank with, at 90.5 responsiveness (max power at 10500 RPM).

Thanks lads have bronze now after I raised the rev limit LOL when I did that the power rose to 700 hp!
Had to limit it via the exhaust.

I was able to get platinum with a completely unrealistic 4,6 engine. Maybe it would work for ALMS but no way it would last for 24 hours. :neutral_face: