Let's Play Campaign: Castle Motors (100x Difficulty)

Hi! I’ve been playing this Let’s Play for a little while but I never thought to make a thread for it. I started this as an attempt at playing 100x difficulty to learn and show off LCv4.1. Pretty quickly the difficulty fell into the background, but almost every episode I manage to encounter some kind of new system (or bug to work around).

So, if you’re confused about how v4.1 works, or the campaign in general, I think my LP videos give you enough information to get started.

I also chose a little different theme for this one: by popular demand, Castle Motors is a company focusing on big, boxy vehicles. I’ve been successful without touching monocoque chassis, which I consider to be a real accomplishment.

Here’s a link to the whole playlist. The first video is a different company which ends in me going bankrupt. :wink:

And here’s the latest video:

Lastly, this isn’t just a passive LP, I listen to comments! The company is fairly successful so I can try out some crazy ideas and see if they work. Right now we need to replace our main-line car, as well as start a project in our small factory. Maybe a supercar, or maybe an ultra-luxury car or SUV. Let me know what you want to see and what you think I should try.

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A new episode! This time we replaced our main-line vehicle with a new model, and built a glorious supercar! As we’re about to enter the 21st century, sales are in a slump and we might need something to jazz up our existing cars or add to our lineup, but it’s hard to say exactly what. The Garderobe especially is losing money at an astounding rate- I’ve never failed so hard at selling a cheap shitbox!

If you have an idea of what we should try next or what we need to improve about our existing models, let me know! There’s only 21 years until the end of the campaign, so it’s time to start trying out any new stuff our brand needs before we finish and get our final score.


Another new episode! Just a couple episodes left before we tally our final score, so now’s the time for weird suggestions.


Another one- finally! This is the last chance for suggestions, so let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see. There should only be one more design session left, and then the remaining years will just be tallying the final score. I’m also hoping to drive some of these cars in Beam for a final episode.


Near the end of my playthroughs, I usually always try to make the most expensive Hypercar with every option possible and high quality, that’s my suggestion :smile:


The finale! Those of you who watched this, I hope you learned as much about playing Automation’s campaign as I did about making youtube videos lmao.

I’m thinking I want to do something like this again for 4.2.