[LHC] - Letara History Challenge - Rd 5 Preface: lobbying and spending

1952 Garland Press Release.

''(...) After the mediocre sales of all Garland vehicles in Letara; we've decided to go back to our roots and focus on what we know best.

From now forth Garland and our subsidiary Lombard will reinvent ourselves for you, Letarans…’’

-Claimed Chairman Alex Sounderois, of Garland of Letara; ‘‘Well, we weren’t expecting such horrible
initial results, but we’ll continue working to deliver quality automobiles to Letara, as for the leaked clay model and experimental features of the 358R, we’re looking into it, apparently we’ve had a rogue employee leak them.’’



As mentioned in our previous status update, the Empire Motors Manhattan 50 had the worst sales loss out of any car ever made by us. and we have no one to blame but ourselves for this. Empire Motors was not ready to build cars across the world in 1950. Despite having put nearly three years of time into engineering our Manhattan 50 lineup, building the same cars to different markets in different continents was too difficult at the time. The remaining Manhattan 50’s in the US will still have new parts stock until the next car is released. As for Letara, there are unfortunetely no more spare parts in production for any trim, even the Luxe trim that was not recalled. Empire Motors will be stepping out of Letara until the economic crisis in the nation is over.

According to the EM customer survey, most Manhattan 50 Luxe trims are still on the roads of Letara, with a rising trend among enthusiasts to gut out the interiors and tune them for street racing according to employee reports. Not we expected from a luxury car…

Oh we’ll be happy to receive such parts for the Rhania corporation if we can get such a deal, I’ll say this: why don’t we work together for a bit? I get my other collaborator from Japan(Mokhastu) to send you economical engines while we receive some help with the development of our cars?

Currently our partnered company is now working on an experimental inline six that is estimated to have 250 horsepower! We can send you such engine for racing, if we can get some experience in making luxury cars.

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Planar History Files: Letara memos vol.1

When P&A first entered the Letaran market, P&A management began sending out “recap” memos to their Letaran dealerships and management to inform them of sales numbers and forthcoming plans.

Here is the first memo sent out at the end of 1954, after their first year in the consumer market.

Letara Sales Memo 1

I am overjoyed to hear of our relative success in the Letaran market! While sales of merely 25 cars may not seem like much, as you all should know we didn’t have much optimism at all to begin with, launching at the end of an economic crisis and without bringing our volume sellers to market. But what we have now is a base to work off, and a burgeoning reputation as the “other”, and more importantly different, luxury brand, which with diligent work and good models releasing onto the market means Letara can possibly be cultivated into our best export market!

As for the P&A Trucks operation, while it has never quite lived up to expectations, with the government bid failing and the Loadman never quite catching on, our strategy of releasing the civilian model during the bid has paid off, and there are just enough Loadmen out there that we have a small following in the region, so P&A Trucks can be expected to support the Letaran market for the foreseeable future.

Future models are in the works, worry not. With a deal already on the table with Lyons to develop and manufacture a new engine for a future flagship, and research being undertaken even now into building our own chassis, things are only looking up! In the meantime, we will keep supporting and updating the Sportsman Mk.II, and may even bring our smaller models into Letara as well.

I wish you all good luck, may you work diligently to elevate our position in Letara even more.
-James Ardent, P&A CEO.


The Letaran Herald, October 1953

Johan Jurgensen to be promoted to Levante sport program, sources say

After yet another year of exploits, Johan Jurgensen, the flying swede, is now firmly set to join Scuderia Levante main effort in the World Sportscar Championship as a full time driver for the Scuderia, along with friend-rival Giovanni Mancusi-Sforza and a yet undisclosed driver. The swede already had all eyes set on him after his debut in motorsport with a privately owned ITAL, and cemented his position as a top driver with numerous wins in the “sub 1 liter” categories, as well as his excellent podiums in the 1951 and 1952 Castelletto-Portello, driving a Levante Grifo for Squadra Corse Portello.
Despite his numerous successes, Johan’s most well know antics belong to his partecipations in the Portunis Cannonball Run, where he beat his teammates every single year from 1949 to 1952, with the notable exception of a spectacular engine failure in this year’s run.
Despite being prevented a competitive showing from the relative low power of ITAL cars, Johan managed to become a sort of local hero, running his privately owned machine against a slew of factory backed racecars, and ended up emboding the idea of a lowly man rising to success, on the merit of nothing else but his own, incomparable talent. He has become a telltale of hope in the dire days, and a motivatonal figure for many young Letarans; and we wish him best luck in his new, challenging adventure in the top echelon of motorsport.

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The Preface of Round 2 will determine the starting condition of Letara in 1955. For a summary of what happened between 1946-1954 economically and politically, see this post. In short, the country is experiencing a recession, suffered several major natural disasters, has a new government in power focused on austerity, and has relatively unchanged international relations.

For those that are eligible and want to participate in the lobbying and spending mechanism, this is your chance to shape how Letara dealt with its many challenges, how its industry and infrastructure grew and overcame (or didn’t) the natural disasters and subsequent economic woes.


Round two will span 1955-1963 inclusive.


The car market in Letara was fairly saturated with city and family cars. Options ranged from cheap, barebones cars to the most expensive and opulent luxury cars. In the budget and standard segments people favoured the best value for money. So it was not necessarily about being outright the cheapest; it was more about being the best value proposition. If for a little bit more money the car offered significantly more comfort, or luggage space, or reliability, or… any other key statistic, then Letarans did favour that car in most cases.

For more premium - and especially luxury - offerings, value for money became a more and more diminishing consideration. Even though the regular premium market did fade away as the economy plummeted, the few customer who hung on in this market segment wanted something “extra” for their investment. For the increased price the car had to be unique in some way, something you could show off and brag about. And in the luxury segment this was especially emphasized: nobody wants to drove what their neighbour drives. Being unique (in a good way) sold cars.

The utility segment was a bit of a disappointment for Letarans. In their eyes a utility car is just that - purpose build for getting a job done, and getting it done well. Too many utility vehicles were simply too small to be useful, or were too compromised due to platform sharing with their passenger car siblings. As such, Letarans were forced to buy whatever they had access to, regardless if this car really fulfilled their needs or not, and make aftermarket modifications to the vehicles as necessary. The frustrated utility market was then left hungry for true, purpose built, capable, reliable utility vehicles.

The sports segment had a decent spread in the upper, more expensive tiers. Letarans clearly have a hunger for sports cars - they started the Cannonball Run in their regular road cars long before it became a legitimized and official race. However, sports cars were late to arrive in Letara, and by the time they did, most were too expensive for the general population. So for many, owning a true sports car was nothing but a dream.

Cabriolets were rare in Letara. Although available in the city, family, and sports segments, they were only available in limited quantities in the more expensive vehicles. In the Mediterranean climate, they were ideal to show off and drive down the highway with the top down. They were a rare and thus desirable option that elevated the car’s status above the rest, and became a status symbol of wealth and luxury.

Only three cars had metallic paint, so similar to cabriolets, these cars had something special to show. Having a nice sparkling paint job also became a symbol of uniqueness and opulence, and could elevate even a relatively cheap car above the crowd.

Lastly, and this only tangential to the car culture and ties in with the economy - but very few (13/77) cars on the market opted to use aluminium panels, and a few more opted for an aluminium engine head. These cars didn’t receive any special attention from Letarans as they didn’t really seem to bestow much benefit - except maybe in the sports category for weight savings. As such, the newly elected Letaran government of 1953 decided that the aluminium subsidy might have been a failure by the previous government, and started looking into other options. Their support for the existing aluminium industry and the import subsidy hangs in the balance, but could be saved by sufficient external pressure - which brings us to…


The following 32 people submitted consumer cars in Round 1, and are eligible for company spending and lobbying: @abg7 @Admiral_Obvious @AndiD @Aruna @ChemaTheMexican @conan @donutsnail @Edsel @Elizipeazie @Fayeding_Spray @FidleDo @GassTiresandOil @HelloHi @karhgath @Knugcab @lotto77 @LS_Swapped_Rx-7 @Ludvig @Lupus @Madrias @mart1n2005 @Maverick74 @Mikonp7 @MrdjaNikolen @Petakabras @Prium @Riley @SheikhMansour @TanksAreTryhards @Texaslav @Vento @voiddoesnotknow


Everyone on the above list has 10 spending tokens that you can spend in whole integers. How you allocate your tokens is up to you. You may buy an assembly or factory in Letara, which increases your lobbying power:

  • Spend 10 tokens on spending items and 10 power on lobbying items; or
  • Spend 6 tokens on an assembly plant for the next round, 4 tokens on spending items, and 13 power on lobbying items; or
  • Spend 10 tokens on a full factory for the next round, and 16 power on lobbying items.

Note that the government has their own spending purse, so your spending will supplement the government’s funds. Spending items proposed by the Letaran Government include:

  • Road maintenance - helps to rebuild the current road network after the natural disasters, and maintain at the current level so that roads don’t deteriorate.
  • Road construction - will expand and improve the current road network. These might include paving gravel or dirt roads, start construction on an interstate highway system.
  • Supporting the current bauxite mining and refining industry.
  • Expanding the bauxite industry with alumina processing capability.
  • Expanding and supporting higher education - in general, or in any of the following specialties:
    • aerodynamics
    • mechanical engineering
    • petrochemical engineering
    • materials science
    • electrical engineering
  • Building of improvements along the Portunis Cannonball Run to enhance its appeal.
  • Construction of a dedicated race track (specify what kind).
  • Support for train infrastructure.
  • Support for air infrastructure.
  • Support for other industry - general support, or any of the following:
    • Petroleum
    • Coal
    • Iron
    • Forestry
    • Agriculture
  • “Other” - feel free to spend on items not on this list. Provide a brief description what your company spend its tokens on and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into Letara’s lore. If you think your idea might be too far fetched, outside the scope or spirit of the challenge series, it’s best to ask; the Letaran government reserves the right to reject ideas, or they might simply fail.


Depending on how you spend your tokens, you will have 10, 13, or 16 lobbying power. These can also be spent in whole integers, and it’s up to you how you wish to allocate them. You can lobby for or against individual items. Note that the government has their own ideas and direction they want to take, and some items they feel very strongly about due to for example safety reasons. So lobbying outcome is not a guarantee - but your input might influence the government to make certain decisions.

Lobbying items proposed by the Government of Letara include:

  • Mandate amber indicator lights on the front and rear corners of the vehicle.
  • Mandate side indicator lights.
  • Mandate double head lights - one regular light and one high beam.
  • Ban center head lights.
  • Mandate three brake lights on the rear of the car.
  • Implement stricter safety regulations.
  • Ban “obnoxious” car colours that cause a distraction for other motorists.
  • Ban radial tires altogether.
  • Implement emissions standards.
  • Tighten noise regulations.
  • Adjust and tighten speed limits on public roads.
  • Make driver and passenger side mirrors mandatory.
  • As a cost saving measure ban staggered tires.
  • Standardize license plate size (state you preferred size).
  • Implement a displacement tax (state what displacement(s) should trigger the tax(es)).
  • Implement luxury tax on the most expensive vehicles.
  • Implement fuel economy tax (state what l/100km (not MPG, Letara doesn’t use imperial units) value would trigger the tax - or taxes if multi-tier).
  • For keeping the same or similar road racing format as the Portunis Cannonball Run.
  • For an alternate race series, specify:
    • Alternate paved route/format.
    • Alternate mixed surface/dirt race/rally event.
    • Dedicated track racing (specify what kind, e.g. traditional circuit, oval, drag etc.)
  • “Other” - feel free to propose your own lobbying item. Same restrictions and caveats apply as for the spending tokens.

Those people eligible for spending and lobbying, please DM me your responses in the same thread where you submitted your car. Please do not create a new thread.

Spending and lobbying is open until 23:59 ET on Friday, November 11.




FOR RELEASE: Sunday papers   

REGINA, December 1954: Lewis Wolfe, President of Wolfe Motors, is proud to announce the formation of the “No Taxes For a Happy Letara” lobby with many more car makers.

“Letarans are hurting and it is time we squash any further taxation in Letara to help everyone get back on track in this economy. Letarans should have the final say on what they spend their money on, they are free and proud” said M. Wolfe.

Their core agenda is fighting any talks of further taxes involved - people need to spend on cars and be happy at the wheel.

“We believe a free economy is best for everyone. Larger cars and powerful engines are not competing with the smaller cars, but we’ve also seen that the utility segment needs some good, dedicated, larger chassis and engines to haul materials around to help rebuild Letara after many years of hardship, and the premium market is hurting. We’d hate to see the smaller car market struggling as the premium market did…”, said M. Wolfe, not finishing his thought.

The core program is simple: No further taxes in Letara, and everyone joining will be helping, in some capacity, rebuilding roads and expanding the road system further to profit all Letarans. Member will also be encouraged to invest in local assemblies or local education, if they are so willing, to show the government how invested the lobby is in Letara.

“No child shall be left behind, and they have a right to grow up and buy their dream car. We’re also willing to fight back aggressively if needed, as we truly believe that free Letarans will be happy Letarans.” said the President of Wolfe Motors in closing.

Right now, a coalition of companies are forming and at least 6 car makers are currently in talks. Please contact Wolfe Motors at the coordinates below if you are interesting in joining or have questions about the “No Taxes For a Happy Letara” lobby.

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Oh hell nah :skull:, they’re banning these things that are for us:

(I am not lobbying)

I may advise the bigger companies to take care of the big changes such as the luxury and displacement tax.

Mid-size companies should take care of the issue against obnoxious colors and radial tires.

Smaller companies should try to advocate against the inability for staggered tires and noise regulations.

I am not lobbying against these legislation, it is to persuade companies to take action for these issues at hand as this is a business letter to all the companies to make sure we all advocate for the betterment of our situation.

The letter:

Dear motor companies,

The Rhania Motor Companhia would like to make this formal statement for all corporate entities to all come together and make changes to the Letaraian regulations. We all should know that Letara is about to implement some changes that would affect us all such as the addition of a displacement and luxury tax including the obnoxious retraction of our color palette and the inability to use radial tires.

These regulations will make it harder for us to enter the Letaraian market and will drive us crazy (pun not intended)and would stop the production for most of our cars.

Here is where I propose a solution which would benefit us all and in order to do this, we all must work with each other to create a mutualism between each and everyone. If we do not work with each other, we will see chaos erupt from our lawyers to our workers stirring up in a web of regulations

For the bigger motor corporations, they must help to lobby against the displacement and luxury tax as this would lead to a greater issue for the consumer. For instance, if there was a displacement tax then there would be a greater cost for trucks and heavy duty commercial vehicles. Which in turn would create a more expensive with the taxes adding up. The customers of these vehicles need them for hard work and so to implement a displacement tax would hurt our customers greater than ever and would force them to use vehicles that may not be suitable for their needs.

On the other side of the spectrum, the luxury car segment has been growing greater than others based on the observation of my spies in Letara. This increase of luxury car buyers would be more interested in offerings that give them the luxury they require without destroying their mutual funds. This luxury car tax is a slap to the face and would make it harder to sell these types of vehicles to the public. This tax would soon be the death of many companies that I see here, and I would advise to take a stand against this tax.

The bigger companies should understand that they have a responsibility for themselves and the others around them, and it is required that they will assist to lobby against these taxes that would stifle our sales

Another stand that must be made is the advocacy against the unintellectual rules against a colorful palette and the retraction of radial tires. The average sized motor corporations shall take the responsibility to put sense into Letaraian legislation.

A colorful flower on the side of the road should cause equal damage as to a car with an artistically made color with good taste in visual presentation. However that is not the case as the driver is fully aware of his surroundings and a piece of art would cause any accident, as reported by my agents in Letara, most accidents in Letara were caused by external forces such as wild animals and rough roads. This would lead to the reason that an exquisite color shall not cause injuries.

Radial tires are proven to be more effective for both racing and consumer cars. Radials help with traction, fuel efficiency, and overall a faster vehicle overall. Radials allow vehicles to be more effective in their conditions which is what the public needs now as Letara isn’t well invested in its infrastructure.

Companies that fit in this category as being in the middle should use their power to lobby against the retraction of radials and the ban on color.

The last group of motor companies that I would like to address are the small companies. To you, you may not believe that you could make an impact on Letara, however there is a way that you can make a difference to help us all. By allowing for staggered tires and eliminating a noise restriction.

Staggered tires allow for grip for where it is needed such as for race cars and cars for commercial prospects. Without this ability to have staggered tires, many companies would not be able to make effective commercial vehicles or race cars that would win races.

The small companies would not be able to make good cars without having to make some noise especially with their performance vehicles and heavy duty vehicles which would hurt the ability for small companies to make good cars at a low price.

I ask for all of you to consider this letter as a reminder to use your power to help pave the way for a better future for all of us, including the people of Letara. Without this organization, we would not be able to succeed in making quality cars for the Letaraians without these efforts.

Signed sincerely by the Rhania Motor Companhia

The magazine that goes out to all of you Letarans driving a Vaughn, Wraith or VCV
Autumn 1953

"Dream car of the Letarans? That has to be the Wraith Montezuma, during to a study done by an independent institute, interviewing lots of Letarans. The question was, “If you were able to buy and drive any 1953 model automobile, which one would you choose?”. With over 40% going for a Wraith Montezuma, it beat other favourites like the Benetsch Buhrie SK and Minerva Solarian Elegance by a great margin. Also, the Vaughn Torpedo scored among the top 10 cars.

The reasons for ranking the Wraith Montezuma as #1 (where multiple answers were allowed) was mainly the “looks” (over 80% of the answers), followed by the “comfort and luxury” (74% of the answers) and the “powerful engine” (69% of the answers).

Even internationally the Wraith Montezuma is held as one of the finest automobiles built, for example in its home country, USA, where the waiting list for the Montezuma has been very long."


SAETA Official Annoucement

We, as a car company, can´t support the absolute nonsense that the “No Taxes for a Happy Letara” coalition is trying to push. This country has recently been hit by several disasters and rebuilding all the affected infraestructure will be a costly affair.

Therefore, we will campaign for a luxury tax on high displacement engines, excluding utility vehicles. Any car company interested in the welfare of Letara should do the same as us, and all of you are invited to join this common effort.

Saving Letara is everybody´s duty


AMCW Official Announcement

(OOC: The use of clipped/broken English is deliberate. This is written from the perspective of aliens who speak a language far less complex than English, and they are not amused.)

October, 1954

Vuri ada ahd nevuri marin.

We have heard rumors and sayings-of-uncertain-truths that some of you are trying to tax engines-of-great-size.

We would kindly advise that this tax is not in your best interests. Yes, you might push some competition out of market. A hound kicked bites hand that feeds, however.

Should you continue on this foolish course, we will be forced to vote in favor of:

  • A mandate for top tier safety equipment.
  • A ban on all leaded motor spirits.
  • A requirement that all motor carriages below 3 meters in length be taxed, as small vehicles are not safe in collisions.
  • A mandate for reduction in emissions.
  • A ban on any system increasing air pressure in intake.

Do not think we can not do this. We are neither fangless nor clawless.

Di sehuul neruzahi. You have no spirit for war. We are all warriors here, and within each of us, our twin hearts pound the drums of war.

Do not start a battle in which you cannot win.

-Vilzahir Jupard Rhuthan-Selgald



Here at Alira, we take safety very seriously. This is why for 1955, we hope to pass a law mandating a center third headlamp in Letara, making it easier and safer to see at night. As of late there has been lots of discussion surrounding displacement taxes. At this time, we have no position on this issue. As part of our entrance into the Letaran car market, we are also proud to announce that we are launching our first factory in Letara! Located in Storia, we hope to begin production of our soon-to-be-announced new model there. As always, drive Alira- there’s nothing else like it!


December, 1954

Sigmund Kessel sat at his desk, looking over the dismal sales figures from Letara regarding their Sperling. His Operations Manager, Otto Frisch, poured himself a drink at Mr. Kessel’s wet bar and gazed out the office window.

Kessel: “Our Sperling has failed…”

Frisch: “Yes, Letara’s middle-class is struggling. We have… also misjudged the
priorities of the people…”

Kessel: “Then we should adjust course as soon as possible. I have heard numerous setbacks have hit Letara especially hard as of late. Do they have a plan of action for recovery?”

Frisch: “Of course, but it will take capital investment, like anything else. On that subject, there seems to be some heated lobbying by some of the other auto makers present. Even some threats of bodily harm… kidnapping, that sort of thing.”

Kessel: “Really? Don’t we supply the Letaran government with their transport vehicles? Notify all Kessel employees about the K20’s secret anti-confinement measures. I’ll be damned if any of our people get kidnapped in our own van! What the hell are these people rallying about anyways?”

Frisch: “It’s a little manic, to be honest. Half of their demands are ideals that our company already shares. Others, namely a tax on SMALL vehicles, will push even the cheapest cars beyond the price-point of most Letarans. Basically, only the wealthy will be able to drive.”

There was a moment of reflection in the office as the two men stared out the window. Then, Sigmund Kessel spoke.

Kessel: “The poor, who are left to wallow in financial quicksand, will reach for the hand of Satan, so long as he promises to pull them out. We saw that first-hand here in Germany not too long ago… now it seems the East and West are carving our country for themselves. We have a chance to make an impact for the masses of Letarans. We will build a factory there, and we will use it to build such a vehicle that the poor may drive themselves out of the quicksand they find themselves in.”

Official Statement from The Aero Company.

This letter is directed in response to proposals and statements made by SAETA, AMCW, Alira, and Rhania.

First off, we must address recent statements made by the Rhania Corporation.

We are appalled at your recent conduct directed towards SAETA. We feel that this conduct is unacceptable for any modern company.

We understand that you might disagree with some of their ideas and proposals- this is to be expected in a democratic system -and that you might even want to convince them of your view of the contrary. But to threaten violence or murder against another for this purpouse is the lowest form of degeneracy, cowardice, and barbarity imaginable, and has no place in the civilized business world; especially when paired with a (poor) attempt to hide your identity in doing so.

The appropriate organizations within the Spanish State has been notified, as have our fellow automakers in Japan. We advise that, if you would ever like to enter the Lentaran domestic market, and ever hope to make any friends or allies among the automakers of any nation, you should strongly reconsider how you conduct yourselves before the international community.

Out of Lore: The above letter is a further part of the lore, however I do want to make a note out of lore that threatening (even fictional) violence against an (even fictional) company might be a little too intense for this roleplay. Please try to tone it down a bit next time.

That aside, we would like to address proposals recently made by various other companies, and provide some proposals of our own

Our platform is based around the danger of large vehicles. We define a large vheicle as a car or truck with a wheelbase larger than 3 meters, and/or track width larger than 1.4 meters, and/or weight greater than 2000kg. A large vehicle is a danger to other road users; its weight means it cannot stop or steer very easily, especially in emergency situations. And in the event of a crash, while its inertia means a slight boost in safety for its passenger, it also greatly magnifies the danger to anything it may hit- pedestrians, cyclists, other cars, buildings, and more.

Now, we recognize that to many, this size is a necessity; many businesses and large families genuinely need the capabilities of large vehicles. So we do not intend to limit, or prevent the sale of large vehicles, per se, but rather we hope to improve these vehicles, and those that drive them, in the long term.

So first off, we would like to propose that stricter driver training and licensing standards be implemented for large vehicles. In order to drive a large vehicle, drivers would have to take additional training courses on how to manage the vehicle’s extra weight, and would have to pass a more rigorous exam; after which, they would be issued a special license for driving large vehicles. This would ensure that all large vehicle drivers would be fully qualified to manage their machines, and better able to handle adverse conditions. And while we recognize that this requirement would add cost to these autos, our research shows that to the vast majority of large vehicle buyers, this cost would not be prohibitive.

Secondly, we strongly and enthusiastically support Alira’s plan to mandate a center third headlight in Lentara; we had been hoping to introduce a similar proposal ourselves. However, we do not envision such a law as a blanket requirement for all autos, but as a requirement only for vehicles. Large vehicles need more distance to stop from a given speed, and the 3rd headlight ensures they can see further at night to accommodate this. This also serves to aid other drivers/pedestrians/etc. in identifying large vehicles; similar to how motorcycles only use one headlight instead of two, so they can be identified as such quicker.

We also note SAETA’s suggestion of a tax on high-displacement engines. While that is not our preferred solution, we also like the idea, and feel our companies’ views have much in common; we’d be willing to discuss coordinating our lobbying with you further.

And finally, we’d like to address AMCW’s proposal. We note that you are strongly against SAETA’s proposal, and that your overall position differs from ours. However, we would like to express that we do not consider ourselves “in opposition” to you; in fact, we approve of many of your proposals. Being from Japan, a very densely-populated nation, we see the need for a ban on toxic leaded fuels, and a mandate for a reduction in emissions. We also approve of a requirement for stricter safety standards. if we could open some dialogue on the matter, perhaps we could find some common ground off of which to work from.

We have a vested interest in providing a safe, bright future for the nation of Lentara; espeically since we plan to have a factory of our own operating within the country by 1955. That is why we are reaching out to SAETA, AMCW, and Alira, in the hopes that we can combine our lobbying efforts to create better legislation for the future of Lentara- and we invite any other automakers who agree at least in part with any of these ideas, to contact us directly, so we can talk about how we might work together.

We look forward to speaking with you,

The Aero Company.

5-chōme-325 Komaki,
Aichi 485-0041, Japan
+81 568-XX-XXXX

@happyfireballman @HelloHi @Madrias @Petakabras

is anyone even going to read this? I guess I'll just put a spaceship here (_)(_)=====D~~

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Planar History Files: Letara press releases vol.1

In the mid 50’s, a storm was brewing in Letara. The government had put out proposals for tax changes and companies were getting in tussles both publicly and privately to drum up support for or against their agendas.

P&A didn’t feel like they had any real audience to talk to, considering their status as an edge player in the niche upper end of the market, but as rhetoric grew and plans for big updates got pushed out of these new taxes’ timeframes, the company felt it could get a word in to get some brownie points and maybe even attract some new customers.

Letara press release 1, clipping from The Letaran Herald

Here at P&A, we are proud to be serving the upper end of the Letaran market, and while our message could very easily just be mailed to our current customers, with the way other companies are going about it we feel we need to make our voice known to a wider audience.

For those unaware, P&A’s only offering in the consumer market at the moment is the Sportsman Mk.II, a luxury sedan with a 5 litre six cylinder, and as such our opposition to a displacement tax should be self-explanatory. However, it may come as a surprise to some that we are actually lobbying for a luxury car tax, as we feel that that will both make the upper end more exclusive, and put more money back into Letara’s economy. We are also lobbying for stricter safety standards, as good passenger safety has always been of great import to us here at P&A, and we wish for the market as a whole to follow that.

As for non-taxation related issues, we are also proud to announce that we are fully putting our support behind both improvements to the Portunis Cannonball Run, and also towards the establishment of a dedicated touring car series, with us personally investing in the creation of better dedicated race facilities to support it.

I hope we can continue to enjoy a good reputation and experience in Letara, and wish for all of our competitors both current and future to maintain level heads in what will surely be a trying time, no matter whether you get what you want or not.
-James Ardent, P&A CEO.


(Because you were threatening a Spanish company; The planned crime would’ve taken place in Spain.)

Official Statement from Canadian Motors

This letter is directed in response to the less than savory behavior by some companies, plus cover why the HW38 “Pangolin” never made it to market.

Firstly, we must address the reckless statements made by the Rhania Corporation.

As a company within the British Commonwealth and looking to perform business with Letara, we are less than pleased with Rhania’s reckless behavior and conduct directed towards SAETA. As a company committed to ensuring security, we are standing in solidarity with The Aero Company for what we also feel is unacceptable conduct for any modern company.

We fully understand that your viewpoints on the lobbying for various safety items aren’t exactly on the same page as the rest of us - which is on par with a democratic system - and that you are actively considering trying to change our viewpoints.
But to actively threaten violence or murder against another company or person in writing for the explicit purpose of trying to keep the lobbyists at bay is everything that is wrong, venal and mendacious with the Rhania Corp. and is the lowest tier of human behavior possible; on top of pairing up with no attempt to hide your identity in doing so.

The appropriate organizations within Letara and the greater British Commonwealth will be notified, as with our fellow automakers in Canada and elsewhere. We strongly advise that if you are ever actively considering entering the Lentaran domestic market or are considering contracts with them alongside hoping to make any friends or allies with the automakers of any nation, we encourage you reconsider how you are conducting yourself before the international Community.

Out of Lore: The above letter is a further part of the lore of my company and Letara as a whole, however I do want to emphasize that threatening (even fictional) violence against an (even fictional) company might be a little too intense for this roleplay.

That aside, we would like to publicly address why the 1947-1948 HW38 “Pangolin” have never made it to the Letaran government and how we are actively working to prevent similar situations from occurring again in the future.

We heavily regret to inform the Letaran government that the cargo ship containing 10 examples of the HW38 “Pangolin” to be imported, the SS Edwardian Castle of the Commonwealth Oceanic Navigation Company, was lost in a storm after colliding with unmarked shoals some 5 nautical miles (9 km.) off the coast of Letara with the loss of all hands, and salvage operations have recovered at least 1 of the 10 examples along with the victims of the disaster; the other 9 examples were too damaged to be recovered.
We are actively working alongside the Commonwealth Oceanic Navigation Company to ensure such a tragic thing doesn’t happen again; a investigation into the disaster was just completed, the results are to not be publicly disclosed as it contains business pertaining to Letara.

We are looking forward to speaking with you,

Canadian Motors
A company for all.

1 Canadian Motors Circle,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
+1 519-XXX-XXXX


Official Statement from Yanmex Import | Importer of Mitsushita Cars

Due to lackluster sales, we could not afford to employ a copywriter at this moment. We’ll report back when we have one.


Press Release from Wolfram Motors

Concerns about our Wanderer’s lack of sportiness led us to make some tweaks for the 1954 Cannonball Run. They worked… up to a point. Few of our entries finished, and even then, well behind the leaders. Nevertheless, we have chosen to make the Cannonball spec an extra-cost option from 1955 onwards.

In addition to this, we are currently investing in large-scale road construction and maintenance programs in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that hit Letara recently, along with improvements to the Cannonball Run, as well as a dedicated paved closed-circuit race track. We are also lobbying for the establishment for a circuit racing series and a road racing format similar to the Cannonball Run, plus mandatory fitment of amber indicators on front and rear corners, and a license plate size similar to that which is already in use throughout Europe.