[LHC] - Letara History Challenge - Rd 5 Preface: lobbying and spending

Mocabey introduces new lineup of large vehicles

Mocabey has seen the Letaran people cry out for bigger and better commercial vehicles, and after years of development we have delivered. For those who need enclosed space, we have the Warehouse, because frankly it’s a warehouse on wheels. For the farmers who just need to throw stuff in the tray, we have the Haymaker. We even have a passenger SUV on the platform, the Pioneer, for those who need space for six people and their cargo.

From left to right: Warehouse, Haymaker, Pioneer

The commercial Warehouse and Haymaker come with Mocabey’s brand new truck sized straight six, the all-iron beast producing 210bhp with a two-barrel carburetor, and simple Macpherson strut front suspension for easier servicing and improved off road performance. Seen here in RWD form, the Warehouse can carry a tonne of cargo inside itself and tow nearly as much, for just $15,800.

All three vehicles also have the option of 4x4 and locking differentials (even with RWD), shown here on the Haymaker, and come standard with skid plates. With those options equipped, a farming family of four can vault over the toughest terrain Letara has to throw at them.

For the families who wish for more seats and more comfort, the Pioneer comes with double wishbone front suspension and is standard with several interior furnishings and an improved sound system that are optional on the Haymaker. Also standard is world class safety engineering and a four-barrel version of the giant straight six, producing 235bhp. Even in 4x4 spec, the Pioneer starts at $21,000 with the manual transmission.

For the Letaran Government: the Mocabey Oreamnos

The Oreamnos features an updated version of the standard Mocabey straight six, this time fitted with a two barrel carburetor to improve reliability without unduly compromising power or fuel efficiency and producing 105bhp. This engine will also run on unleaded or leaded petrol as poor as 85 octane.

It has a selectable 4WD system and locking differentials as the demands of rough terrain require nothing less. All terrain tyres are fitted to maximise off road potential while maintaining some semblance of on road comfort, and the interior is fitted with the furnishings one would expect from a regular consumer vehicle.

With the four speed manual transmission, the Oreamnos will tow 1500kg, yet unburdened it will reach 120km/h. We offer this vehicle for $13,700.


Mocabey Mulsanne R2: Here For Victory


New for 1963:
The Edgewater Silverstone GT and Silverstone GT-R

Silverstone GT

The Edgewater Silverstone GT is an expressive, beautiful machine. The Silverstone GT is fitted with dual- Double-Wishbone suspension, making for a responsive and nimble car, factory-built for winding roads and tight corners.

The Silverstone GT comes standard with an aluminum 1.8L inline 4 good for 100 horsepower, and 4 wheel disc brakes.

Silverstone GT-R

The Edgewater Silverstone GT-R takes everything good about the Silverstone GT and amplifies it. A liveried body and subtle body kit gives the Silverstone GT-R a more aggressive stance. The responsive handling is made better by sticky Sports Compound tires. The suspension is slightly stiffer, making for a track experience unrivaled by anything else on the road.

The Silverstone GT-R comes with a top-of-the-line 2.0L aluminum inline 4 with Dual Overhead Cams and Fuel Injection™ technology, making for 180 horsepower and a blistering 0-100 of 6.2 seconds.

Capable Motors New Vehicle Lineup!
From Capable Motors Co.

Letara has endured some hard times recently, and here at Capable Motors Co., we are dedicated to building vehicles which make your life easier. That’s why our new pick-up truck for 1955 is capable of carrying a ton of cargo! That’s right, the Capable Lugger has the capability of lugging 2,110 kg! Didn’t have time to dry out your harvest before needing to send it to market? No worries. While lugging wheat with a moisture content of 20%, the Capable Lugger can lug 71 bushels! Even with all that wheat, there’s still space left in the cargo bed, so no need to worry about your crop falling out.

Not a farmer? Well the Capable Lugger has you covered, with the capability of lugging 750 liters of aluminium! That’s 1,241 whole .032 gauge 2’ x 4’ aluminum panels! And no need to fret if your aluminium plant lacks paved roads. The Capable Lugger comes equiped with a 4x4 drivetrain, and manually locking differentials. The all-terrain tires are as capable off road as they are on road.

If you need to lug some cargo, the Capable Lugger is for you!

A contract was released by the Letaran government, for a 4x4 ranger off-road vehicle to patrol Mont Modred National Park. We at Capable Motors Co. engineered the most capable off-road vehicle there is! The Capable Wayfarer is equipped with a 4x4 drivetrain, manually locking differentials, and tires specialized for off-road travel.

That’s not all, though. A motorized winch in the front can rescue any stranded vehicles, remove tree stumps, and assist in construction of stations in the wilderness.
The bright yellow and white paint contrasts with the brown and green of the forest, improving visibility of the vehicle.
6 high-powered auxiliary lights, 2 in the front, 2 on the sides, and 2 in the rear, makes search and rescue missions in the night a whole lot easier.
And our innovative new siren allows the Wayfarer to act as a mobile, off-road ambulance and fire truck.
Cargo capacity of 1,830 kg.
No place in Letara is too remote for the Letara Wayfarer

Want to get your hands on the Wayfarer? We made a consumer version which lacks the specialised ranger equipment, but is just as capable in every regard. 5 seats means no problems with bringing the entire family, and with the large space in the trunk, you can bring all the camping equipment you have.

For dedicated off-road travel and fun, buy the Capable Wayfarer C!

New for 1959, is the Capable Lugger P!
While the Lugger has standard seating, the Lugger P has premium seating and a new high-tech radio.
The most impressive capability of the Lugger P is its improved capability for lugging cargo.
4,260 kg! A totally unsurpassed amount of lugging will happen when you drive the Lugger P!
The Lugger P is capable of lugging 2,482 .032 gauge 2’ x 4’ aluminum panels!

For all your transportation, shipping, and lugging needs, buy the Lugger P!


1956 Swanson 200-series mk1 - Made Assembled in Letara

Left to right: 217 BF, 225 PO, 225 SPC
As our new assembly plant unlocks a 10% tax break, we decided to give you 20% more car. The 200 offers more interior space, style, safety and comfort than the 100, in a slighly larger footprint.

Running on clean fuel and government certified “Safe”, the new taxes are a non-issue. Reliability remains a top virtue, as demonstrated with the 9/9 Cannonball finishes.

A real practical innovation is the large boot opening, for easy access. Spare wheel fits over the engine, so there’s an actually decent space beneath the sloping roof. The back seat folds down for bulky items.

217 BF - the Based family car

Probably not the cheapest cheap car on the market, but it retains the style of its more expensive siblings, but offers low running costs, and space and comfort for a whole family.

225 PO - Open your Mind

Letara seems a prime market for a convertible, so we couldn’t resist offering you a proper premium cruiser.

225 SPC - Spirit of Cannonball

While low-speed acceleration is slightly weighed down by safety equipment, the 225 SPC improves upon the popular 125 in every aspect. Both an engaging, quick “sports” car, and a practical, comfortable daily suited for town & country.

These prices are probably outrageous

I swear this cutaway isn't photoshopped


Safety for Rhania Increases as Tensions Increases, 1960

4 Specially armored SUVs made for the owner of Rhania, Rhania Gurangardo.

by Henry Salsword

With the heated situation at hand, 4 Rhania Hunter Type-G(Guard)s are now standard protocol for when it comes to transporting Rhania Gurangardo from one place to another whether it is for business or personal things. He would be transported in the finest that Rhania has to offer with a phonograph and a handmade interior just made for him and his guards.

The Type-G is equipped with a 6 liter V8 that provides the beast 463 horsepower which can propel this SUV to speeds of 165 MPH, tow 5,000 pounds, and haul almost 10,000 pounds worth of equipment.

This vehicle will be used to transport Rhania in the coming years that someone may try to against him for what he stands. This vehicle will be able to seat 7 people if need be as 3 of them are filled with guards while one of them has a nurse, 3 guards, and 3 seats for Rhania or some other occupants as well.

This note shall be made to any other company to do the same as there are people who would enact in conspiracies made to harm anyone. This is a note that all company leaders ride in safety to escape a mob that may be the end of them.(Legal note: I am not placing the hits nor doing anything mentioned)

A little belated, but…


Thank you all who have submitted. I will get to downloading all cars and start judging tomorrow.

Now, for the elephant in the room. I see that the thread is once again getting derailed. This is not what I wished to come back to after a long trip away from home and a nearly 24 hour travel day, but here we are.

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Also, no antagonizing each other either in real-life or in the fictional world. It is completely against the spirit of this challenge series and only serves to create strife and derail the thread. This is how a few can spoil it for the many. So this stops here, now. Whoever continues or starts up again, will be banned for the subsequent round of the challenge. I hope that is clear enough.

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So…where is the border between relevant and irrelevant lore then? Just asking to be sure since it doesn’t really feel motivating to put an hour into writing that will get axed. Sometimes happenings outside Letara still can be relevant for the future of the brand there.

I think role-play can become absurd sometimes, but it is indeed a thing I am not sure as well: Where is the border between absurd but legitimate and really overdoing that fictional stories?

For example this is about a car never submitted to the challenge, yet there is a whole page about how it’s meant to transport the company’s owner. The cars that were submitted were already showcased in three other and separate posts by this user (which in itself is a little excessive I might add), so there is zero value added here and the post is superfluous at best.

I mean, just use common sense. If you already have several other posts in the same round, then it might be worth thinking about whether you (plural you - y’all) are writing just for the sake of writing, or if you’re still adding value. Oh, and for pure lore type posts with a lot of text, I highly encourage to use the hide details function of the forum.


I feel it’s pretty obvious what cake ape was getting at here. If your post is just “I’m going to assassinate someone or start a war” then what are you even doing at this point.

Role play that follows the events of Letara makes sense, everything else is just writing for the sake of writing


I try to be sorry, but any apologies would be declined. Through future actions I myself will be accountable though this would not satisfy some others for a ban would be the only reasonable thing they want for me. Despite this, I would not squander my efforts to improve.


Chapter 1: politics, economy, and natural environment

Economy and natural disasters 1946-1963.


International: By 1955 Montelin’s economy and international status has declined significantly, making their hold on the occupied area on the Letaran peninsula tenuous. They still maintain their military bases and ports there, and are still a significant enough threat that it could only be taken back by force - and Letara is itself in no condition for an open conflict. So the status quo regarding the occupied territory is maintained. However, the counter-espionage efforts of Letara over the past decade have paid off, and the threat of Montelin’s infiltration has eased, and the internal security of Letara is not at peril for now. Letara’s relationship with Somunds remains warm, backed up by a continued free-trade agreement. Somunds was also instrumental in providing aid to Letara during its time of hardship. However, as its own economy is also in a downswing, Somunds’ aid is dwindling in this era, leaving Letara to recover on their own as best as they can…

Domestic: The austerity-focused government elected in 1953 quickly went to work to “balance the budget”, which meant an overhaul of spending and taxes in Letara. This was meant to bring the economy back on track. The government aimed to only spend where it was critically needed, and any expansion of services or industries was scrutinized to the n-th degree. Taxes were also readjusted in an effort to “make users pay”. Some of these measures backfired spectacularly, leading to more unemployment and a wildly unpredictable and overall decreasing economy in the five years of this government’s rule. Aided by two more natural disasters in '56 and '57, the economy of Letara hit rock bottom quickly. Interestingly, among the most secure jobs seemed to be working for international automotive corporations that have set up shop in Letara. This resulted in a favourable view of these corporations, and an overall increased car culture in Letara - for those that could afford a car that is. National unrest rose in this time, and people took to the streets to demand change. The austerity-focused government only lasted one term and was replaced in the '58 election with a government that promised significant investment into Letara, even it it comes at a cost of borrowing and deficits. In the short term this strategy seemed to work, and the economy started to turn back up, albeit slowly. As such, in the next election in '63, the same government was re-elected.

RP effects: The government will have a moderate to small spending budget (spending tokens) - these will be added to the pool of tokens the car companies collectively spend during Rd. 3 Preface. The gov’t spending priorities may or may not augment company spending, and will focus on job creation rather than large-scale infrastructure projects.


The economy of Letara was in decline from '47 to '53, but with the new government went into true and full recession. Rock bottom was hit in '57 following two more natural disasters, leaving the country in tatters in more ways than one. Unemployment skyrocketed to new heights and people started to become desperate. This was Letara’s great depression. People walked the streets with signs advertising their desperation and need for work - any kind of work. These “street walkers” later became “street inhabitants”, and the more there were, the more they started to walk in unison. By the time the elections in '58 came about, there were large “street marches” demanding change. Recovering from such a deep depression is going to be hard, but it seems that the new government elected in '58 is turning the tide, even if slowly. At least large demonstrations are easing in the early '60s and people are becoming more hopeful as more and more people are able to find work again.

RP effects: This is a truly drab time for Letara. Many are desperate and struggling to find hope as they struggle to find work. The middle-class has truly and fully collapsed, leaving a large portion of the population in “survival mode”. The rich… well, they are the rich, unperturbed by the hardship suffered by the majority of people. The upper echelons still enjoying their opulent lifestyle - although they do have to be more careful no to flaunt it as openly as before. Instead of previous admiration and envy, people look at the rich more with disdain and anger, and might just egg their house or new car.


Thanks to generous investment by private corporations, the forestry industry decimated in previous disasters was saved - but barely. The newly planted forests were initially growing well, and some old forests were even set aside as a new National Park to be enjoyed by nature-loving tourists! Of course this had its own problems, with firmly urban families without any outdoors experience entering nature for the first time expecting it to be have all the amenities of the city, and forgetting that they are not surrounded by caged zoo animals… Although the natural environment was a lot quieter in this period, it did start with a bit of a bang (literally) in '56 when Mt. Modred erupted again. Although this was a large eruption, leaving large areas covered in ash, the lava and pyroclastic flows mostly stuck to already devastated areas and caused little additional damage. Except to the aging and already strained old buildings of Mont Montelin that is. During the eruption the National Park and the town of Mont Modred did have to be evacuated on short notice. Large fires in '57 devastated some areas of the National Park and some remaining old-growth forest around Chanceille, making the survival of the forestry industry once again a little tenuous. Apparently city-dwellers do not know how to put out their campfires!

RP effects: The forestry economy continues to struggle, and will need continued support to survive - again. The National Park is a success, although it will need some generous public education as the urban population simply doesn’t know yet how to use this new resource respectfully and sustainably. Currently it still requires a lot of government resources to keep the park going. Mont Montelin’s old rustic buildings are definitely historic, but have suffered much damage in the past decade, and will need to be replaced. Either the resort town will wither and die, or it could be rebuilt into a more modern vacation destination…

Car reviews and other results to follow shortly!


You say you want to improve, but after the first time you got in trouble you quickly went back to irrelevant RP with some weird assassination protection crap. What was even the point of that post? Nobody is going to RP to kill your company president, and even if they did cake_ape would not allow it to be canon. Let me make this easy for you.

During a round, your RP should focus solely on the cars you’re making: if it’s a civilian car, say how it’s being advertised and sold. If it’s a race car, tell us about its engineering philosophy, its capabilities, and the teams using it. If it’s a government contract, write it as if you’re responding to the request for proposal, pointing out why you think the car is best for whatever government procurement program is happening. And above all, with all of those categories, keep it in Letara. If it has nothing to do with the challenge, it has no place in the RP cycle.

The above is not difficult to follow. Everybody else has been able to do so. And if you are truly holding yourself accountable to “improve”, you will stop the whole spy/assassin drama fluff. This isn’t Spy x Family or some shit.

Apologies to @cake_ape for posting OOC, but I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I needed to say this.


Oh my god that economy curve is absolutely brutal. I tought we hit rock bottom in '53, but oh boy was i wrong. This round might be a tricky one for Levante, and not only for us.


No joke. I was hoping that my car would be picked up by the upper-middle class, but it seems more like it’ll be bought by rich people who don’t want to be shanked for being too rich so they downsize


I was looking back at the entries for this round, and at least from what’s been posted publicly, there are a lot of luxury and premium cars; Looks like many tried to either move upmarket to appeal to the wealthy, or gambled on the downturn reversing this round. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the smallest demographic is also the most saturated. (I’m starting to worry if even my own ultra-budget cars have too high a price tag)

At least it looks like Letara has some good trucks now…


Yup, i bet other people tought the same as me and banked on the fact that there was no way the economy would go down again. The “austerity-driven government” should have been a red flag, but oh well, here we are. Turns out our prediction that adding such strict safety rules would have put a lot of people out of the car market was kinda true, after all.

What a time to introduce a cheap sportscar! i’ll do like @Texaslav and hope the rich guys will get a cheaper down-market car to avoid being torn asunder by an angry mob of peasants. I’m not to convinced on that tho.


Letara, March 1960

A small crowd gathered in front of a new stylish car dealership.
“Oh, I expected a few more people!” said Ludger Frehse, sent over from Hetvesia as new sales director for the new PRIMUS branch office.
“Getting a car road-legal here is not that easy for imports, and when we set the plan for Letara, we have chosen our upcoming sports sedan Astrona. That sounds like space age, sleek rockets and modern technology. Little did we know that the economy would fall even further.”
The crowd nodded, somehow hoping for times to become better.
“However, latest newspapers indicate that we are FINALLY looking towards better times. And the Astrona reflects this. Powerful but not wasteful, with fine materials and exellent safety it offers what Hetvesians want: Spirited driving without regrets. Ladies and Gentlemen, have a seat, turn the keys and head into a better future with the newest Primus. Our basic car, the Publica F, is currently entering the markets in Gasmea, Hetvesia and Frunia. It might have been the better car here, regarding the current state of economy, but that ultra-reliable and inexpensive car is not what could work as a figurehead. See this newspaper! It’s going uphill! Our car should represent a bright and modern future, and this is why we spared the admittance of the Publica F in favor of the Astrona.”

Frehse didn’t even notice he was screaming like a dictator, he got lost in his own despair, having to convice a small group of buyers to spend their hardly-earned money on an Astrona.
But it looks good. The mood became more optimistic after the enthusiastic speech and the exhausted sales representative was awaited by his employees that served fresh coffee and pretzels.

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Kamaka Car Present Feature: 1959 Haste Proto and 1962 Destiny

The Kamaka Motor Corporation is proud to presented next line for new cars. New back of coil suspension setup and over the head shafting engine family. Add development start new sporting car prototype use in racing tournament.

Haste Proto

Follow up success recieve after the Cannonball Run, Haste Proto are the entry for the race category R1. Engine experiment inline 6 cylinders featuring dual over the head shafting grant murderous power to car.

Protoype design meaning to preview design future for future Kamaka sporting car. The promise of tremendous quality guaranteeing.

1800 Sedan

The Destiny 1800 the is cheapest the for lineup, prevent this doese meaning our cheaped outward in making it. Feature that 4 cylinder engine derived the originate racing car. Makes 80 horse power. Tune suspension completed for guarantee superb handle sport.


2500GT housing same originate race car engine but 6 cylinders configuration. Making 120 horse power. Handle sport having been built upon harder suspension tune. Compound medium tire tread. Perfection task high speed driving mountain top roads.

2500GT Convertible

2500GT but roof are disappearable up or down. Fit whited walls tires for extra style. High speed driving mountain roads but open to air.

Consume the air.