[LHC] - Letara History Challenge - Rd 5 Preface: lobbying and spending

A flock of Swansons
Our boxers are so quirky and not like all the other cars


125 SPC - Hot Hatch Intensifies

The SPC returns, keeping the 2,5L Boxer 6 RWD configuration. With more power and less weight, what could go wrong?
To your family and insurance rep, it’s an innocent granny car. With a small, low-power engine of under 150hp. To you, it’s a road eating monster that will leave most others a small object in your rear-view mirror. While we can’t magically make it bigger than it is, it’s still a reasonably practical everyday car that’ll fit more than you think.

125 PO - A Real Actual Convertible

aka the Barbie Car

Forget the “controversial” 200 convertible of the past; this new, smaller one is Safe and Effective™. Enjoy the sun in a small package, fitted with a smooth engine with performance only available in our sports cars just a few years ago. Back seat very suitable for children.

112 GE - Oil Crisis Fighter

With innovative front wheel drive, a Swanson first, and a very efficient 12 valve engine, this is our most accessible offering at a mere 12.300$. It’s slow, but not dangerously so - and very quick and nimble in the city and on rural roads. Sips just 5,1L/100km of E10.


555 G - Catching crims and locking them up...in your community

A familiar sight for government officials [and to some degree others, pretending rest of lineup for sale outside the competition].
More performance-oriented, still torquey 280 hp 5,5L engine. Power Steering, 5-speed manual and clutched differential for ease and precision of handling the big boat. A simple but high.quality interior, with a sturdy cage separating the crims in the back. American-grade bumpers with Tag Strips. That’s right, you tag the crims with green paint to mark your prey.


969 RC - Participation Trophy Streak Contender

With 9 wins and 7 podiums on Lerance Raceway, albeit in the discontinued R2 class, there is some pressure on the team. Headquarters insist on them using the new for 1977 900 mid engine sports car, as “it would be a bad look to race a discontinued model again, for several reasons”. Veteran driver Peder Aas insists his personal car would be faster, but will stay on for a couple more years.
Anyhow, the top dog 900 does carry a literal aircraft engine usually propelling sponsor Xessna’s planes. With fuel injection, but no turbocharging (unlike the concept car) it runs at twice the rpm and power of it’s usual configuration.


Greetings comrates

Facelift of the Rushba!

A new decade, a new Rushba. This is over most advanced upgrade of the Rushba to date. Not only was the design adjusted for the new decade and the generel design language of Popas, the engine runs not only more economical, but is also build more robust. Highlight for the facelift is the whole new interior, setting a new standart for Rushbas today, and the ones to come.

Time to enforce.

For the goverment Popas made a special trim of the Cheechi. This cheechi is a mix of the sedan and sport version, combining the 4 door bodystyle with the enginetune of the sport one. Also a lot of costsaving and performance enhancing features where added. So that this version comes with an cheaper more rugged interior and a upgraded 5 speed manual takes place instead of the 4 speed automatic

Want more Popas? Visit us at the Letara Transportation Show!


24 hour notice!

One day remains to get your entries in. Pretty good turn-out so far :slight_smile:


New for 1975: The Mocabey Senator and Triarius

Mocabey introduces the four door Senator and the two door Triarius, the best in the luxury space. Seen here with sumptuous hydropneumatic suspension and smooth 6.4L V12 engines, they are guaranteed to carry their passengers wherever they desire with the utmost comfort and urgency.

Mocabey’s Interceptor: The Regent

The Government of Letara has requested a vehicle that can chase down even the fastest of criminals and motorway miscreants while still being economical to maintain, and Mocabey’s solution is the Regent Interceptor.

A traditional sedan that can seat five, and therefore hold three arrestees in the back, the Regent is powered by a 5.0L V8 producing 305 bhp and 287 lb-ft of torque, ensuring it reaches 100km/h in just six seconds on its way to 250km/h. For extra toughness, it is built on a hybrid monocoque/ladder platform, with a passenger unibody safety cell attached to a strong frame that can resist hits from aggressive adversaries. And the government can have them for less than $20,000 each.

The 1984 Mocabey Bonneville: Faster Than Ever Before


Letara, 1976

Ludger Frehse greeted his colleague Lionel Lomax. “So, let’s show you your new Globus model. It’s done, finally.”
“How is the Premier going after it’s first year?”
“Too early to tell. Now let me present you the Stallion. You see that sports car? This is where the engine is from. We prepared it for next year’s racing in Letara, and so we had the idea to use the now dismounted engine as the one to be taken for the Stallion. It’s a lot more fun to drive than the Premier sedan, nevertheless, consumption isn’t higher. Take a seat.”
“Well, it’s a small market niche, Ludger. However, you have proved to be an expert in that aspect, I remember the success of the Publica ST.”

“Exactly. However, our racing team won’t have something competetive, rallycross is something nobody in the team had experience with, however, our specially tuned RT320 did at least qualify for it.”

When entering the Stallion and going for a test drive, Lomax did have a pleased facial expression. “It’s comfortable, but not too plushy for nice cornering. The V6 really lacks V8 emotion, but besides that, accelleration is brisk and economy great.”
“Sure. This one is another segment-breaker. It’s a sports coupe with four full-size seats that you would buy if a family car has to be fancier than your neighbour’s sedan, or you basically want a sports car but prefer good old values like comfort and space without sacrificing fun in the driving experience”, advertized Frehse, who lighted a cigar.

“So… a car for people who are not able to afford a Gran Turismo?”
“Yeah, Lionel, you got the idea.”


Round 4 is closed for entries now. Without further ado:


Chapter 1: politics, economy, and natural environment

Economy and natural disasters 1946-1984.


International: Letara maintained its status as a diplomatic powerhouse during this decade. Several high-profile international conflicts were resolved at the International Court of Peace Negotiations (ICPN) in Fiegheni, and Letara had a strong presence at the Global Federation Summit (GFS). Now that the border conflict with Montelin was resolved and Montelin peacefully withdrew from the Letaran peninsula, their relationship was improving slowly, but surely. Although a relatively small nation, Letara was punching above its weight in all areas it seems, and was a well-respected member of the international community of nations. Somunds, a long-term ally of Letara was very pleased too with their continued alliance. However, with their economy taking a small dip, they have ceased sending aid to Letara - which was not a large blow to Letara considering its own thundering economy. There is talk of reciprocating Somunds’ earlier aid to Letara with tariff concessions and other aid packages to prop up Letara’s most valuable neighbour in their hour of need.

Domestic: Politically, the country continued its long era of stability. The social programs and continued investement in the country seem to be paying off, people have more money in their pockets, so why change the system? All political parties’ mindsets are shifting toward a more spending-focused agenda. Minor squabbles are still the norm of course, but overall there is a sense that things are heading in the right direction. The generation that lived through the darkest of the “dark '50s” are starting to collect their pensions, demanding more and more social programs - they worked hard to get the country back on its feet, so they deserve the fruits of their labour in a cozy retirement.

RP effects: The government will have a large spending budget (spending tokens) - these will be added to the pool of tokens the car companies collectively spend during Rd. 5 Preface. The gov’t spending priorities may or may not augment company spending, and will focus on large-scale infrastructure projects.


The economy of Letara experienced considerable growth - nay, an explosion - in this decade. Especially in the early '80s the country could be said to have entered a period of unparalleled prosperity. The small blips down in '77, '81, and '83 were not even worth mentioning. Businesses and people prospered, factories worked as hard as they could, and Letaran goods were exported as fast as the infrastructure allowed. There was considerable optimism and everyone and everything invested their wealth into new ventures all over Letara. The general population prospered and the middle class grew. People finally had money to spend on more than just the basics in life.

RP effects: With the economy blossoming, people are more optimistic about the future than ever before. The middle-class now has quite a lot of money to spend, and is also willing to spend it. People relax their caution in this decade, and allow themselves a little “extra” - a second car perhaps? Companies would do well to capitalize on the growing prosperity.


If the '40s and '50s could be described as outright calamitous, this decade is outright… boring. No natural disasters happened between '75 and '83, and only a minor forest fire was recorded in '84 - caused by some careless tourists in Letara’s popular National Park. The climate was good too during this decade and crops prospered. Although volcanologists are a vigilant type, they couldn’t even record the smallest of rumbles at Mt. Modred. The only issue that the Letaran notes is that with the growing prosperity, emissions from overworked factories and recently more crowded roads is leading to more and more air pollution, which in turn leads to respiratory issues in big cities among the more vulnerable. This is perhaps something that needs addressing in the very near future…

RP effects: The agricultural and forestry industries are booming, leading to talks about opening new lands for these industries. Factories are looking to expand too, but are cautious about future mandates on pollution control measures.

Car reviews and other results to follow shortly!


Kamaka Car Present Feature: 1977 XSM-1 and 1980 Destiny

Kamaka Motor Corporation proud to do introduce next generation for iconic Destiny. Destiny platform taken extreme versatile. Able to configure budget family car to performing highly turbocharge sports car.


XSM-1 concept newest additional to our Letara racing legacy, turbo technology test. Potential on racing is enormous, this place it is the of new rallycross series. Experimental V6 turbo the on middle producing over 500 horsepower, our with able to only hope the of highest performing possible.

Destiny 2000 EX

For 1980 Destiny it the continuity legacy originate first destiny on Letara 1962. Fun to drove sedan of everyone. Comes taking standard 2 liter I6. Makes 110 horsepower. Equip has carburetors to create service easy.

Destiny 2000GT Turbo Wagon

Only not wagon insure practicality extra, also performing with turbocharger fuel inject. Makes 170 horsepower. 0-60 7.5 second. Purely workhorse being wagon no longer.

Destiny 2000 XS-Turbo

2000 XS-Turbo perform highest from line up. Although 2 cylinder remove for make in line 4, make up for dual over the head shaft four valves turbo inject. Make 207 horsepower. Fine tuned further guarantee performing maximum.

Destiny Police Interceptor

Full potential Destiny is unleashed for police interceptor proposal. Compromise not being make for any part. Featuring top secret 2.8 liter straight six turbo. Make 400 hp. Top speed 185 mph guarantee any car catched.


PRIMUS Highway Interceptor proposal

The Astrona III is a common sight on the highway, even if it is only available for two years. Powerful yet economic engines, a stable and secure ride with surprising cornering abilities for a car of it’s size, and a roomy and modern interior.

Based on the Astrona 260 GLX, the following changes were made:

  • Increased engine size of the OHC V6 to 3.6 liter and over 200hp, allowing a top speed of 150 mph (240 kmh), noticeably more than most road cars. Since police officers are trained professionals that know how to operate it, a five-speed manual was the choice of transmission.

  • Spacious interior and trunk, allowing easy transportation of equipment and delinquents.

  • Robust interior, featuring standard black leather, the wood trim was deleted, the other GLX features not. Power windows and mirrors, electronic check control system, high quality radio, everything was kept as the officers spend the whole day in it and deserve some comfort.

  • Steel rims, they are more durable than the GLX’ alloys, and it’s a government car, after all

  • Upgraded brakes and wider tires to handle the extra power.


I know if I lives in Letara id definitely want one of these



Chapter 2: :wastebasket:

This post will be OOC as it’s just dealing with some unfortunate housekeeping before I get to the meat and bones of the reviews. Y’all seemed to like this format, so here goes. Perhaps some bad news for some, but maybe also some relief for others. So, let’s rip the band-aid off, get the less fun stuff out of the way, so we can get to the good stuff.


Although I strive to have as few bins in the consumer category as possible, there are still things that cannot be explained away or swept under the rug in some RP/lore friendly fashion. These cars broke some hard rules:

@donutsnail Turból 550 Letara: Engine at TP 5 (other trims are fine).

@doot KHI 792 Pelican and KHI 792 Sparrow: Both engine family and top end TP at 10. The KHI 792 GT20 is fine.
After checking it was a legit game issue and these cars are re-instated.

@DrDoomD1scord all three consumer trims: Driver assist TP at 3 (max is 2). Also for C3 engine internals TP are at 5.


@ChemaTheMexican Garland Determinator Interceptor: Rear downforce >0.

@Ch_Flash Martinet Erable Police: No side markers visible. Those lights are not what you can classify as wrap-around; they are not visible from a 90 degree side-on view.

@DrDoomD1scord TIO - Hawk MFR-12 TT R730 (Letara Market) Clone: Several engine parts at TP5.

@FidleDo Liberty Familia Highway Patrol Car: Most engine parts at TP5.

@GassTiresandOil Kessel Tornado Pursuit: Rear side marker is orange, not red.

@GetWrekt01 Macht Teuton Jaeger 032 LHPD: Rear side marker is orange, not red.

@IDK158 Vausse Naviria LHCI: All engine parts at TP5.

@ldub0775 General Auto G500 Police Interceptor: No rear side marker visible. The wraparound orange indicator light does not count as a red side marker, and there is not other red light/reflector there.

@mart1n2005 Knightwick S-Roadster “police cruiser”: Rear downforce >0.

@SheikhMansour Mocabey Regent Interceptor: No front side marker visible when looking side-on. I know you intended the front light assembly to be “wraparound”, but it really isn’t visible when looking at the car from 90 degrees on the side.


@Admiral_Obvious Grig Concept: Has only one seat vs. the required two.

@doot KHI Leapfrog: Too much rear downforce (37.5 kg vs. the allowed max of 20 kg).

@Edsel Aero Endurance and Reliability Testing Platform (ERT): Futuristic engine (looks like TP on the engine was reset to 5 - a real shame but got to check by doing a clean re-import).

@Riley Zephorus Stelvio DAKR: Has one too much TP on driver assists.

I will also add that there were still way too many people with naming convention errors. I’ve let them slide again this round, but next round they will be hard bins too.

Car reviews, gov’t assignment, and racing results coming soon!


I love how everyone’s binned for some technical reason of sort, then there’s my headass getting binned for a botched side marker color :clown_face:


literally me

Well that’s really fucking annoying. One less techpool and one less quality in assists and it still makes the price with unchanged stats.

Can’t expect cake to change it for me though, but god that’s fucking dumb. The entire thing I enter for, gone.




Argh why did I leave the spoiler on? It doesn’t even need it :disappointed_relieved:

Well I think I’m retiring from challenges until the exporter is fixed. All of that is fine on my end- TP, downforce, everything. This is ridiculous and unacceptable.


Are you checking the downforce in the correct tab? It’s the test track page not the aero one

For positive downforce the test track tab will show a lower downforce figure than the aero tab; looking at the wrong tab would just result in leaving downforce on the table

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Darn. Just checked, I’ve the same engine TP problems. With all the times I switched engines trying to figure that car out, must’ve forgotten to do it the last time.

Oh well. Aero’s racing “comeback” will have to wait.

Curiously I recall my chart saying 37.5lbs… wonder if that’s automation being shit, or the exporter. I’ll investigate more after work. But this TP stuff repeatedly resetting is just the worst. I’ve spent so long checking these only for it to screw up at the last second… absurd. Unless the lua exporter and techpool get redone, that really just has to be it. I’ve been affected by that in more than half of the challenges I’m in, and this time is just too much.

EDIT: Turned out to be a really, really weird automation bug on the consumer cars, then user error on the race car :saluting_face: